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Need More Proof?

Need more proof that the Hamas murdering organisation uses its own people as human shields?

See here for video from Hamas members and Hamas TV themselves.

And click here for a high ranking member proudly boasting that Hamas favors death while admitting that Israel favors life, thus falling into Hamas' trap.

And the world still really has no clue how to formally create a binding peace agreement. They continue under the false ideology that when one side, being a nation state representing freedom and democracy might agree to peace, the other side must automatically agree as well. Even if that other side is a known a murdering terrorist organization that has committed countless and numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The only way Hamas will accept a cease fire is if they are just about to lose and they want to be able to resupply through smuggling or just by taking the UN relief supplies.

(Hat Tip to Daled Amos and One Jerusalem)

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