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Crazy Attention-Seeking Bag Lady Returns

And wouldn't you know it, she hates the Jews today not one iota less than she did on Wednesday:

[Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.]

Of course, no matter how ridiculous this genius of socialist thought might be, it's still even more ridiculous that the wire services think that her manufactured outrage is newsworthy enough that we need a dozen pictures of her every time she's around.

It's almost as if they're not content with merely enabling her attention-seeking—it's like these wire service editors feel compelled to make us suffer, too.

The scoundrels they are.



#1 captainfish 12-Jan-2009

As much as they like to portray Israel as scary, SHE is even more so. That is one crazy freakin lady. And, one shouldn't wonder what side of the political fense she sits on.

Can you say.... lefty liberal? And, I thought, according to the media, that the more left you are, the more peaceful and harmonious you are.

Guess not.

You know, I consider myself on the right with slight libertarian issues, but I feel very content right now with most things going on in the world. There are a few things I am not happy about, like electing a MarxistSocialistEgomaniac as President of the United Socialists of America, and the complete ignoring of Somalia, Darfur and Iran.

But, you know, there hasn't been that much going on that I feel compelled to dress up in combat fatigues, carry around a doll, paint myself in red paint, and scream like a rabid banshee for the media.
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