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UFOs Came To See The Obamessiah

As seen on Foxnews and CNN!

Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe over at Political Machine have a few ideas about what it might be:

#5 - Ultra-Fast Ron Paul Blimp - Those guys just don't give up.

#4 - Dennis Kucinich - I know, this seems obvious, but remember Occam's Razor. When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.

#3 - A commemorative Obama plate - The commemorative plate is another obvious guess, but remember, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

#2 - Port-O-Potty Creature - With all of those cans, and all of that co-mingling bio-waste, it's a good bet that something evolved out of there. If so, it was probably making a beeline to get CPAC tickets.

And for the number 1 possible thing this "UFO" might be, click HERE.



#1 captainfish 25-Jan-2009
hahahaha.. I was going for the serious till I saw your link

Love these people trying to find UFOs where there are only birds and bugs.
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