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CHANGE: Convict Donates $50,000 to Obama Inaugural

And wouldn't you know it, the D.C. Examiner proves once again to be the only newspaper worth anything in the entire country:

An inaugural committee has no less responsibility to avoid dirty money as a campaign committee. So, it is distressing that President Barack Obama's inauguration accepted the maximum donation possible, $50,000, from Michelle Lerach, wife of infamous class-action plaintiffs' attorney and federal convict, William Lerach. Lerach was imprisoned in 2008 for a major kickback scheme stretching back three decades -- and three of his former partners likewise were imprisoned, while their former law firm reached a "deferred prosecution agreement" requiring it to pay a $75 million penalty.


If Barack Obama really wants to set a new tone in Washington, he should return these and all other “dirty money” contributions forthwith. And, at the very least, he ought to direct that the Democratic National Committee, which he effectively controls, refuse any such tainted financing in the future.

Update: The title has been corrected.

Thanks to captainfish for pointing out that my reading skills are for naught.



#1 captainfish 25-Jan-2009
did wife donate 15k or 50K?

But, didn't Obama say that he was for change and limiting lobbyists influence on him?

We must... believe...... the .. Obama...
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 25-Jan-2009
Heh, I'm obviously a silly goose. Sorry about that! Will correct the title as soon as I get back to Compy 486. :)
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