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Technically, I suppose you could call this a "reaction." It's probably more accurate, however, to say that the man in this photograph is acting in front of the cameras. Without the ever-present photographers situated ever-so-conveniently on the hospital stoop, one would imagine that this man would feel no need to parade his emotions so openly.

Of course, it's pictures like this that remind us exactly why it is that we don't need the army of photographers on the ground in Gaza.

A Palestinian man reacts as he holds a blood stained sheet at the entrance to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009. Israeli forces shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, setting the compound on fire as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon was in the area on a mission to end Israel's devastating offensive against the territory's Hamas rulers. (AP Photo/Thaer Al-Hasani)

Update: More acting for the camera's sake (mild content warning).

Update: And more. The only people in the world that are being fooled by this charade are those who have a stake in the battle (i.e., the Islamists that wish to see the total eradication of the Jewish State, and Leftists that despise the only bastion of democratic governance in the Middle East).

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#1 busywolf 15-Jan-2009
They ran out of bodies, Brian, so they are now parading bed sheets in front of the cameras.

He wins my RageBoy contest for the day.

Oh, and may I please promote a send-our-boys-a-smile initiative? It doesn't cost a penny and our boys will get a message of support and some sweets:
#2 captainfish 15-Jan-2009
BusyWolf, you said you were going to boycott Brian and SnappedShot. What gives? You obviously have a conservative bent since you lied to us.

You should be ashamed. Brian doesn't need this. He expected more from you.

But, now that you are here, I guess we can talk about this.

That bed-sheet sure does look small. I thought they left the bedsheets wrapped around the bodies in order to parade the bodies through the streets?

Isn't it amazing how much love and adoration these relatives show their dead relatives. I mean, if they didn't show us via cameras then we would never know the depths of their love and adoration. And, the more of the body you can see, and the cameras present during the trip to the cemetery proves the level of their love.

Wait a minute, is that Ashley and Naomi Judd during one of their concerts?
#3 captainfish 15-Jan-2009
Brian, check out this story. Talk about hamming it up for cameras. And note, these civilians knowing that the war has come to their home still refuse to leave and seek safety.
#4 busywolf 15-Jan-2009
Look, guys, I'm on a tight schedule, so my boycotting time is limited. Sorry, but that's the best I can do. However, I can spare a few minutes every day. For the boycott, that is. BTW, where are the rest of the boycotters? I expected to see a full show of hands. Hopefully, help is on its way. A Boycott Snappedhsot with Dignity boat surrounded by a few hostile Israeli Navy ships would be a nice addition.

captain, that is a fitted bedsheet. It looks small because the rubber band makes it curl and fold, but it's the kind we use in Israel, and I guess in Gaza as well.

I don't know about the love and adoration, but they sure do show their loved ones pious respect both in life and in death. A few weeks ago I had to go to an Arab village nearby (Israeli Arabs) and drove past their cemetery. It looked as if had been bombed by the IAF, and this is one of the few villages that was never attacked by the army because they opted to become part of the Jewish State from the very beginning.
#5 captainfish 15-Jan-2009
Hey BW, most here in America use the fitted sheets as well over their mattresses. My assumption was that this was a normal sheet. As it is fitted, and due to its size, I can see that this could have been a fitted sheet for a crib-sized mattress.

Now, given that, one must ask why were these people still living at home and still have their baby in its crib (like any normal day) during a war?

Would the first thing you grab if your baby was bombed (and not the father?) the fitted sheet from the baby's crib? Why not a large blanket? Your own shirt?

If your baby was bombed while in its crib, would you take the time to lift the mattress up and pull the fitted sheet off of the mattress while your bleeding baby was on it?

If the baby was NOT in the crib at the time the baby was bombed, then why go BACK to the crib, and theoretically through the rubble, to get a fitted sheet off of a crib mattress? Wouldn't your shirt be the nearest thing to use? Granted, one would not ask the woman to take any clothing off of your wife. why expose her to the immorals of society when your baby is bleeding to death.

So, again, that sheet is rather odd. But then too is holding up bloody dolls for the cameras.
#6 busywolf 15-Jan-2009
I don't know, but I don't think that is a baby crib sheet. Initially I thought that he had pulled it off of the hospital bed where someone had died, but then I recalled that hospitals use standard sheets, on account that they have to be changed so often.
Besides, there's too much blood, as if a sheep had been slaughtered on it.
What is obvious though is that they are trying to pull all the tricks that worked for Hezbo during the Second Lebanon War, but nobody is really buying them anymore, so they are at a loss for what to do, given that they are so smart. So they do more and more of the same.
BTW, my advice in case, God forbid, someone is bleeding profusely, before you pull them off the bed with/without the sheets, shirt or any other accessory, is to try and stop the bleeding, either by means of a tourniquet, or by pressing on the wound. Several years ago a girl was severely wounded in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. A piece of shrapnel severed one of her neck arteries and blood came gushing out of the wound. You wouldn't believe it, but this guy walked up to her and calmly inserted his finger in the gaping artery, and he rode with her to some hospital in Jerusalem, his finger still inside her neck, accompanied her right up to the operating table and only when the vascular surgeons began to patch her up was he allowed to pull his finger out and walk away.
That's what I would do if someone was bleeding next to me.
BTW, all those dead and injured children, the Belgians sent a plane to pick up some for medical treatment in Belgium. How many do you think Hamas was willing to release? 10? 25? 50? 100?
Alright, alright, I won't torture you. SIX. A whole daing plane for six children they could easily have transferred to Israel or Egypt.

I'll tell you something else - all the images coming out of Gaza now are being filtered by Hamas, especially those coming out of hospitals. The word is that "big guns" (well, those that haven't been taken out by our guns as of yet) are hiding in or beneath hospitals, and all those rescue workers and doctors and staff are in fact Hamasholes. Most if not all photographers are Arabs (Kevin Frayer missed out on this one, I see he is staging demonstrations in East Jerusalem nowadays, hopefully also eating his heart out). Frankly, there is no way I can be sure that any of the children paraded in front of the cameras are victims of the current operations in Gaza, or were perhaps hurt in previous attacks, work accidents (Elder keeps count of all those self-inflicted deaths, several children included), Hamas-Fatah violence, genuine home accidents - you cannot imagine how careless Arabs are with their children - well, they're meant to be martyrs anyway, not doctors or lawyers or even pianists some day.
Why they were at home? Good question. I haven't got the foggiest, but there are no bomb shelters in Gaza. And as you mentioned before, some people are not afraid of the "zionist pigs".

Now I've really boycotted. I hope Brian can forgive me.
#7 captainfish 15-Jan-2009
That dude.... my hero. Amazing. You know that if that happened in Hamastan, the people around this bleeding person would just revel in the blood, parade the still bleeding body around trying to find a camera, whilst the person bleeds to death. They will then claim that Israel let the person die.

btw... love to hear the screams of bombs coming in.. then BOOM. Love Ramattan live video.

Sorry Brian, I couldn't stay away. I just love you too much.
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