The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Where's My Tums....?

As I am one who is in the know, and I have certain contacts within the military industrial complex....

I present you with the latest weapon on the war against Islamic Terror.

If we can mass produce these and carpet bomb them en-mass from B-2's, we should have this war over with very very very very soon.

Granted, only the most healthy among us will be alive when that happens.

[Update:] And, don't forget the desserts.

(H/T Jason)

  #Cruel Compositions


#1 Kevin 16-Jan-2009
That looks disgustingly awesome!
#2 Cletus 17-Jan-2009
I came.
#3 busywolf 18-Jan-2009
Hi guys, gotta go, I am boycotting this site.
#4 DMartyr 19-Jan-2009
If god really loved us, he would have made bacon fat-free.

Since we can't waterboard, would the libertards consider cooking bacon within smelling range of imprisoned terrorists be torture?
#5 captainfish 19-Jan-2009
Nah DMartyr, that wouldn't be torture. That would just be inhumane treatment.

Torture would be to dunk these villains of humanity into cold bacon grease.

And who knows.... maybe all that extra grease will help them make new friends in their prisons. (snark)

OR..or ..or.. they can get some raw sausage meat, slather them with it, and then let western dogs (how are dogs a symbol of western life? Dogs came from Europe and Africa region didn't they?) lick the meat off of them.

Maybe with all that "love", these terrorists will be much HAPPIER.
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