The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


The Democratic party - the party of environmentalism - welcomes our newest President in green fashion.

Good job, Obamamites!

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#1 captainfish 21-Jan-2009
Damnit, DMartyr!!!!

I was just going to post that!!!

But, I can do you one better.
Here's a daylife link to even more "green" goodness

Love the irony? mmmmmm Can taste it.
#2 DMartyr 21-Jan-2009
Feel free to add your own post. I just saw the one picture, but the link you provided has many other great views.
#3 busywolf 21-Jan-2009
For a minute there I thought it was Gaza after the IDF has had its way with it...
#4 captainfish 24-Jan-2009

nah, Israel was much nicer to the environment that the green socialist democrat party could ever hope to be.

Thanks to them, we now have to implement massive global taxation to save our static unchanging temperatures from changing 5 years sooner.
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