The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Where's Brian?

My apologies for the absence for the past few days—I've been off and about doing other things, and haven't had enough time to sit down and check in here.

I have discovered something new and interesting, though. A friend tipped me off to Detroit Blog, which has proven to be one of the most fascinating sites I've seen in a long time. The author lives in or somewhere near Detroit, and spends quite a bit of time documenting the current state of affairs in that city. Some posts discuss the troubles that current residents of the city face, such as urban prairies. Quite a few posts explore the city's fading landmarks in a very unique way. My favorites are the explorations of the grand skyscrapers of old, and how the "architecture" of today compares. And the photography is astoundingly stark.

Really, the site is that good. In fact, it's exactly the format I was looking for way back when I toyed around with Brian's Commonwealth—with the exception that I don't write nearly as well, and I found very quickly that I didn't have enough spare time to visit, much less research, all of the historic sites I wanted to.

I'm on page 30 of the blog and counting, and I recommend you check it out as well. Once you get into the swing of the site, I doubt you will be able to put it down either.



#1 forest 21-Jan-2009
The "urban prairies" post was especially interesting. There's pretty big swaths of emptiness like that just north of "center city" in Philly too. You can literally see the blight from space on google earth, but I've had to work in some of those areas, and it's just plain spooky. Although the areas that have basically been abandoned, but not torn down, definitely give me the willies more than the areas that have been cleared.
#2 captainfish 21-Jan-2009
I... I... feel abandoned myself.


I feel like my mother just ran away with the milk man.. who wasn't really a milk man.
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