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Thoughts on being a Fairfaxian Republican!

We Republicans are such a wild crowd!
I just got home from my very firstest Republican Committee meeting here in sunny (actually, dark and night-like) Fairfax County. It was a really unique experience, and one that I'm not altogether familiar with. What's important, though, is that I got a chance to hang out with some extremely friendly people, listen to the latest on what's going on in Virginian politics, and meet some of the all-stars of Republican life here in the Old Dominion.

Tom Davis. Keith Fimian (again). Steve Hunt. John Brownlee.

Speaking of which, I'm torn on one issue. The Party is seeking, as it always does, to put a Republican in the Attorney General's post, which we in fact do currently hold. I'll save the "nyah nyahs" for now, because I've got a serious conundrum:—I support both of the men seeking the Republican nomination for that post!

Ken Cuccinelli is a legendary Republican figure here in Fairfax County, being elected and re-elected to the General Assembly for as long as I can remember. He's conservative, he's electable, he's generally a good guy.

John Brownlee is also running for the office, but he doesn't have much of a history of being elected here in the Commonwealth.

Here's the deal—Ken's a great guy, but as far as I can tell, he's one of the most conservative members of the Senate here in Virginia. And he got elected into that position yet again, despite our area's current suffering of what I like to call the "liberal" persuasion.

What are the odds, once a legendary figure such as Ken leaves the Senate, that we'll find another Republican that can turn the predominantly Democratic voters in this county back towards the GOP?

Slim, I'd say.

Now I'm pretty much a total dummy when it comes to this stuff, but it would seem to me that Ken Cuccinelli is of greater value to the Republican Party of Virginia in the Senate, a very powerful body here in the Commonwealth's affairs. Additionally, it seems to me that he'd be able to accomplish a lot more battling against the liberals in the Senate than he would in filling a Constitutional office in the Executive Branch.

Maybe this means I'm a lot less torn on the issue than I thought. I'd hate campaigning against such an honorable man, but I definitely don't think taking Ken Cuccinelli out of the Senate is the right thing to do.

Aside from all of that, Brownlee offers one thing that has always resonated well in Virginian politics:—A well-documented ability to put criminals behind bars. That, I think, is our path to victory... At least, as far as this office is concerned.

Of course, being a certified moron, maybe mine isn't the best word to take on the matter. But it's the best that my feebleminded self can come up with.

Anyway, overall it was an awesome experience to finally participate in Republican politics here in Fairfax County. I definitely look forward to our next meeting, so I can continue learning more about the local politics that drive our area so well.

And continue to keep hanging out with my new ODBA friends!



#1 captainfish 24-Jan-2009
WOW... is our man going political? You know, this might begin to show your bias for conservatism? You ought to be careful in this day and age, with all the bipartisanship being made mandatory of late.

Oh, that reminds me, I got to stop listening to RUSH.
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