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It would seem that the inept leadership over in Cuba insists on playing the Weekend at Fidel's charade for just a little bit longer. It's also curious to note that the regime is starting to prepare the corpse for the proverbial funeral:

In an online column called "Reflections of Comrade Fidel," the longtime Cuban leader appeared to be pondering his own mortality, saying Cuban officials "shouldn't feel bound by my occasional Reflections, my state of health or my death."

"I have had the rare privilege of observing events over such a long time. I receive information and meditate calmly on those events," he wrote. "I expect I won't enjoy that privilege in four years, when Obama's first presidential term has ended."

He didn't elaborate.

Nice to know that El Comandante has given Cuban officials the official blessing to continue beyond his new four-year expiration date.

One can only wonder whether or not the captive Cuban populace agrees.


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