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Shocka: Rain Forests Disappearing Growing Back Nicely

You know, the funny thing is that it's the exact same pattern we've seen here in Virginia—Almost all of our Commonwealth was farmland back at the beginning of the 20th century, but with the onset of urbanization over the past 100 years, most of it has reverted to being "old" forests.

CHILIBRE, Panama — The land where Marta Ortega de Wing raised hundreds of pigs until 10 years ago is being overtaken by galloping jungle — palms, lizards and ants.

Instead of farming, she now shops at the supermarket and her grown children and grandchildren live in places like Panama City and New York.

Here, and in other tropical countries around the world, small holdings like Ms. Ortega de Wing’s — and much larger swaths of farmland — are reverting to nature, as people abandon their land and move to the cities in search of better livings

Of course, we were never fed information like this from our eco-zealous media. Nor did we hear much about it from our "natural" history museums. Any guesses why?

“Biologists were ignoring these huge population trends and acting as if only original forest has conservation value, and that’s just wrong,” said Joe Wright, a senior scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute here, who set off a firestorm two years ago by suggesting that the new forests could substantially compensate for rain forest destruction.

And here I thought "science" meant investigating all of the facts on their merits alone. How much more convenient it is when used as a tool for left-leaning cash extortion.

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#1 Kevin 31-Jan-2009
You are confusing old science with new science. In new science, you come up with a conclusion that you want, and then cherry-pick data that supports your conclusion.

It's all the rage these days.
#2 captainfish 02-Feb-2009
You are right Kevin. And past history is not a predictor of current causality. In fact, past history can be forgotten as it occurred in the past.

You see, it was man's fault that the earth became scorched following all of the volcanic eruptions in history.

And, it was only through divine intervention that our grasslands and forests returned. You see, they are aliens that landed from outerspace to soak up all our C02. Our only hope for survival is to stop producing C02 completely. Only that will make the world a happy place free of ALL infestations.

oh, I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

Yes, I hate it. Everytime I did a hole in my yard or cut down some trees, nothing ever grows back there. I have to set up an altar, throw down some goat's blood and send prayers up to Antilles. I hope and pray that i will be blessed with regrowth. Its an arduous process, but it is worth it.

I can't imagine what the Amazonians are doing in order to regrow whole forests. They must be going through a whole gaggle of goats.
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