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Expanding Government $1 At A Time

Today in Socialist Mother USA...

Senate Democrats circulated a sweeping plan to drive down the cost of mortgages by expanding the federal government's role in the industry,... The emerging proposal also relies on a bigger and more widely available tax break for homebuyers than is now available, ...

"What we can't do is let very modest differences get in the way" of swift enactment of the legislation, Obama said several hours earlier as new layoffs rippled through the economy and the Commerce Department reported an unexpectedly large sixth straight drop in personal spending.

In the Capitol, Democrats said their goal was to change the bill, not to block it. "Nobody that I know of is trying to keep a package from passing," said the Democrat Leader.

Yeah. While I find this truly believable in this socialist day and age,
... what I am really finding frightening is ...
... THIS!

(Update:) Thanks DMartyr for noticing that Yahoo changed its linkage on me.



#1 DMartyr 03-Feb-2009
Did Yahoo! change the headline? popup in this post shows:
"Republicans want mortgage relief; larger tax cuts"

But this is the current headline for that article:
"Democrats promise boost for road building"
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