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Bombing on Tribs Obama

Don't look at me—It was them who said it.

Supporters of the Pakistani Islamist party Jamat-e-Islami protest in Karachi, January 25, 2009. The protest was organised by Jamat-e-Islami party against the military operations and drone attacks in the tribal areas. U.S. drones fired missiles into Pakistan late on Friday killing 17 people, intelligence officials and residents said, in the first such strike since Barack Obama became U.S. President. REUTERS/Athar Hussain (PAKISTAN)

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#1 captainfish 25-Jan-2009
ummmm... Is that Carrot-Top??
I didn't know he did gigs in Pakistan?

You know, that seems to be an awfully English-based sloganistic sign, does it not?

Do they really call their tribal areas, "tribs", in Pakistan Islamic circles? That to me would seem to be humiliating. And as we all know, Islam forbids anything that might be seen as possibly humiliating.
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