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Making Hippies Cry

I'll just preface this video by pointing out that they're called tree "farms" for a reason, y'all:

Happy tree-shredding Monday!

Update: Greetings, fellow AoSHQ morons fine fellows! Since you've decided to stop by, I present a bonus video that is guaranteed to make your head hurt.

It'd hurt a lot less if the creator of this video had stuck with explaining the $300 billion $750 billion $1 trillion bailout plan. ;)



#1 DMartyr 26-Jan-2009
I think this gadget is pretty cool, but it is scary to know some unscrupulous logging company could take down an entire forest in a day...
#2 gridstar 26-Jan-2009
God, I have a bit of a hippy-punching erection right now!
#3 Al 26-Jan-2009
And yet we can't pick lettuce or berries sanely.
#4 Jonathan 26-Jan-2009
That is amazing... The hippy-punching erection comment was great.
#5 captainfish 27-Jan-2009

I love the smell of shredded bark in the morning.
#6 Georg Felis 27-Jan-2009
This is like something straight out of a Dean Ing short story.
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