The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


A strange creature was recently found to be attacking the United States. Maybe those crazy preachers were right?!? Are we being destroyed for our beliefs and actions? Or is the reason more down to Earth?

If you want to find the truth of the Fire Demon, then click below. But, be warned. Your view of the known world will be forever changed. Your eyes will be forever opened. You WILL believe!!!!

Attack of the Two-Legged Fire Demon Fish.

A MASSIVE Two-Legged Fire Demon Fish is sucking the heat out of the United States. From the research that I have conducted, as a Biological Scientist of the 2nd Degree, I have concluded that this is the direct result of man-made Global Warming.

This Fire Demon Fish learned that man of the USA was creating excess heat and realized that its time has come. It was its time to rule the world. It came to conquer. It came to reign.

This Demon, a two-legged monstrosity of outer-worldly gigantic proportions, came to the USA in order to grow and feed off of USA's excess Global Heat that we produce. Notice that it is sitting on top of those states most responsible. Do you not see the correlation ??!!?!

The RED Fire Demon is attacking the RED states?


Have you not heard about the loss of heat in the central parts of the USA? And my research has proved that these ever decreasing drops in temperature have occurred at the same this Fire Demon was feeding off of our state's heat.



#1 DMartyr 27-Jan-2009
Fuck. I'm right in it's path!
#2 busywolf 27-Jan-2009
Dunno, captain, looks like a leech to me. I'd love to say something about the arrow, but I fear Brian might ban me forever, so I'll leave it to your imagination ...
#3 captainfish 27-Jan-2009
Yeah, I ain't touching "the arrow". Literally.

I was just going to convince myself that it was just the direction the beast was moving.

But, I leave other possible explanations to your imaginations.

Meanwhile, for those living in my area, the Fire Demon has emptied its entrails all over us. It is white and very slippery. It seems in order to maintain its own heat, that it must "deposit" the cold remnants as it moves along.
#4 Kevin 27-Jan-2009
Someone needs to coral that firedemon and send him to Louisiana. The heating bills for the greenhouse are killing me.
#5 busywolf 27-Jan-2009
That "white slippery" stuff is very much needed in Israel. Please send some over urgently. We're drying up!!!
#6 captainfish 27-Jan-2009
Kevin, in order to return this nation to its hated global warming state, and to give your plants a reprieve, we need to kill the fire demon. If we can coral it and kill it, then its heat will be released.

Though, doing so, NASA's and Al Gore's Earth Saving-From-Humans devices will detect a massive heat plume coming from the central US. They will then run to the UN to demand that we be sanctioned for killing the planet with too much heat. Again. So, there are pros and cons to making it warm enough to live.

But, one things that bothers me is where is Al Gore and the media and the UN Climate Specialists when all our plants have been seemingly killed by this beast. My trees are not producing fruit any more. I can't even go to work today. Something must be done. If this keeps up, the world will die. And I won't be able to pay my bills.

Busywolf, I ain't touching anything that comes out of that creature's....... well.. ... wherever that white stuff comes out.

(ok, I think I've gone as far as I can go on that one... hehhee)
#7 busywolf 27-Jan-2009
I don't know what you mean, captain, me being such an innocent little wolfie. I was thinking in the line of snow, sleet or other forms of precipitations.
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