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Death Is Good Business

Well, where have we heard that before? Hmmm?

Oh yeah... Mid-East Arabs and Muslims.

Case in point: Gaza Strip's infinitely-angry Palestinians.

A man walks inside the Nibras Print Shop in Gaza City as poster on wall shows Hamas militants killed in Israeli offensive.

Notice the title of the story as well: "Posters of Dead Sell Well in Gaza After Israeli Offensive"

Ahh yes. The new mantra of the year: the ISRAELI OFFENSIVE. It is a shame that Israel had to get all Jewish and just start attacking people for no reason.... offensively. Too bad they couldn't have had a justification for acting in self-defense, or... or... something. But anyway, I digressed myself. [eewwww - Ed.]

Once again, we are shown just how barbaric these people really are. And, once again, this shows just how popular the Hamas murdering terrorist organization really was in Gaza. If you think that the civilians of Gaza are not complicit in these affairs, then you are woefully ignorant. Recall, they were chosen by these civilians to be their new leaders because they felt that the PLO was not "terroristic" enough for them. They wanted more Israeli blood on their hands.

Did I get off track again?


Some were killed when tank shells hit their homes. Others died when bombs erased their offices. Still others met their end battling Israeli troops.

Now their faces are rolling off the presses at the Nibras print shop, which produces full-color posters and banners of the dead. In the wake of Israel's 22-day Gaza offensive — which killed nearly 1,300 Palestinians — it's one of the few businesses experiencing a postwar boom.

Does this author, Ben Hubbard, really think that these words are NOT glorifying these murderers? You can almost see the respect, envy and awe dripping off these words.
Before the war, about 30 percent of the print shop's orders were for martyr posters, co-owner Ahmed al-Hor said; the rest were for things like shop signs and labels for products like tomato sauce, soap and baby food. Now, posters of the dead are 90 percent of his business.

Death is definitely good for business. You know, I wonder if we should get in on the action. I know American ingenuity could produce those posters faster and cheaper. We could even help those who WANT to be on a poster get their wish. Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot who we have been electing. Maybe, maybe Israel's leaders... will...... ..... (dang it).

A steady stream of customers flowed through the print shop's simple walk-up office on a recent afternoon, all men, most bearded, some wearing military-style pants and jackets. A few admitted affiliation with Gaza's armed groups, and the vast majority of their orders commemorated fallen fighters.

Would that be...... HAMAS per chance? But then it is hard to know as there are dozens of "armed" groups in Gaza all vying for the end of Israel. But, as the Hamas murdering terrorist organization is in charge and ruling aggressively over Gaza, then that would mean they are responsible for what goes on there. Right? So, any and all groups are acting under the umbrella of Hamas. And may I remind Mr Hubbard, even the liberal U.N. agrees that this murdering organization is a murdering TERRORIST organization.

But, here comes the good part:

"They were out on a jihad mission, then came back and a missile hit them at the door of their house," said Yusuf Mustapha, who was picking up 1,000 copies of a poster showing 10 Islamic Jihad militants killed in the Zeitoun area south of Gaza City.

"The families of the martyrs will take them, and we'll hang them all over to decorate the neighborhood," said Mustapha. [They can even double as windows now that you don't have any - Ed.]

Asked where he got the $925 for the order, he just smiled and said, "from the good people." When pressed, Mustapha, 25, said that he too was an Islamic Jihad member.

Didn't we just read reports that Iran and Saudi Arabia was going to give Gaza like a gazillion dollars or something? To "rebuild"? Hmmm, does this look familiar to anyone? Can you say, "Thank you Israel for opening the borders to terrorists and their money line"? Didn't we see this same thing in Lebanon following Israel's failed attempt then to deal with terrorists?

These days, 1,000 copies of a 3-foot paper poster costs $925, but most customers prefer large plastic banners, which cost $1.20 per square foot.

That's double what they went for before the Islamic militant Hamas took over Gaza in 2007 and Israel imposed a tight blockade on the seaside territory. Since then, the shop has bought supplies smuggled in through tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, boosting costs.

Al-Hor knows the boom is temporary.

"This will continue for a month or so, then we'll go back to the usual stuff and only 30 percent will be martyrs," he said. "They (the martyrs) might get less, but they don't go away."

Indeed. Death IS good business.

Meanwhile, Israel has once again gone on the "disproportionate"[added by BusyWolf suggestion - Ed] "offensive" and is "threatening" the "fragile" "truce" with Gaza by "pounding" the simple "tunnels". [Dang, that's alot of funny word quotes - Ed.]

As the Israeli Cabinet met to consider how far to go in its response to Tuesday's bombing, U.S. envoy George Mitchell said it was "critical" that the cease-fire be extended and consolidated."

So, once again we have returned to status-quo. Ignore Hamas actions while blaming Israel for all actions. With Hamas once again attacking Israel, it is up to Israel to hold to the peace. If that wasn't bad enough, they are even pushing Israel for a longer cease-fire even while the Hamas' rockets fall and bombs explode on Israel.

Mitchell's tour launches the first Mideast foray of the new Obama administration. Obama said his envoy would listen to all sides to then craft an approach for moving forward with stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

"We will listen to all sides because all sides have a valid viewpoint and a right to be heard. Especially the terrorists. We will then assume Israel is wrong and then force them to give up more land for the peace Israel has been benefiting from. Then after Israel's lands have shrunk we will allow 5 billion refugees to return to the land Israel currently occupies. This way, there will be peace in the land."

It's almost like they WANT Israel to disappear. Or something.

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#1 busywolf 28-Jan-2009
I am deeply offended by the omission of "disproportionate". This is very sloppy journalism and quite unacceptable.

For a starving people who depend on the international community for their basic necesssities, Gazans appear to have enough funds for macabre entertainment.

And speaking of al-Hor, captain, Hor is the Hebrew for hole - can we safely assume that he is a native of the martyred village of Dik Hole?
#2 Myackie 28-Jan-2009
I thought they were all starving? Where do they get the money to buy these posters? hmmmm....maybe they're edible posters.
#3 peter 29-Jan-2009
I am a Jew, a strong supporter of Israel (though perhaps not of the same political parties as you), and I felt Israel had no choice but to respond to the Hamas rocket attacks.

But Palestinians are not "barbarians." They are human beings. And some voted for Hamas. Some didn't. Most humans want safe lives in which to raise their children to a station better than themselves. No Gazans have that chance now.

There seem to me two possible end games: expulsion of the Palestinians or a two-state solution. It is clear to me which is the only morally acceptable one. The sooner we start working and speaking in terms that work toward that, the sooner we'll all be better off.

Too often have members of my family been treated as vermin, ignorant sub-humans, and incapable of civilized behavior for me to tolerate any entire group of people to be labeled as such.
#4 captainfish 29-Jan-2009
Hello Peter.
Thanks for commenting. Yes, while our comments about, and generalizing about, all Gazans as barbarians, heathens, or unworthy of the life they were given, we do so with knowledge of who they are.

No, we do not live there like you and other visitors to this blog, but we read the news that comes out of the region from the leftstream media, Israeli news, and even Arab news media.

And, ALL sources agree. Palestinians, especially Gazans, hate life. They hate decency. They hate kindness. They especially hate all things Western and freedom-based. They even hate their children.

When you say that we should feel sorry for them because their families are stuck and they can't raise their kids in a safe atmosphere.... well NO. I CAN NOT.

How can I feel sorry for a people who choose terrorists as their leaders? How can I feel sorry for a people who willingly send their children to blow themselves up? How can I feel sorry for a people who put their kids in FRONT of their fighters? How can I feel sorry for a people who refuse, utterly refuse, to make their lives better.

You say you are a Jew, but yet you desire to give up your homeland? How many of your fellow children of God must die before you and Israel realizes that its neighbors, let alone the world, does not want Israel to live? They do not want peace with Israel. They do not want a piece of Israel. They want all of Israel.

You know Peter, wiping out your enemies to the point that they MUST admit defeat and become resigned to changing their ways or face extinction is also morally acceptable.

Unless you call what the Allies and the USA did during WW2 as morally unacceptable. Do you?
#5 busywolf 02-Feb-2009
Hello, Peter.
You say: "Too often have members of my family been treated as vermin, ignorant sub-humans, and incapable of civilized behavior for me to tolerate any entire group of people to be labeled as such."

I say: Most members of my family did not have the privilege of "too often". Everything was done to them once: my grandfather was shot dead in the street on the day the Nazis invaded his home town. He had never raised his hand to anyone, except to dispense medicine. My great uncles, aunts and cousins were either lynched by angry mobs in what is remembered as one of the most horrific pogroms perpetrated in Galicia (Ukraine) or unceremoniously dispatched to one of the death camps. We'll never know. The only ones subjected to "too often" were my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Between age 5-9 years old my mother had to hide in hampers, outdoor ovens (the irony does not escape me), attics, cellars and even monasteries. My grandmother (a beautiful, educated woman in her 30s) was carrying cyanide vials and was prepared to kill herself and my mother rather then be captured alive by the Nazis or their collaborators.
So I'll keep it short and sweet - anyone who dares so much as approach me, my family, friends, neighbors and fellow Israelis with intention to kill, best be prepared to die themselves. If among those who endanger the survival of my loved ones is a bleeding heart fellow Jew and/or supporter of Israel, then, as they say in Yiddish - a brokh. Tough luck!
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