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Selective Reporting 101: Obama's Mysterious Door-Window

A one-man parade of dunces.

As Gateway Pundit points out, there are 9,480 articles describing in vivid detail how much of an idiot George W. Bush was for trying to open a locked door.

In contrast, so far there is only one outlet who dares to report that Dear Leader, the Smartest And Bestest President In History, appears to have mistaken a window for one.

If that isn't enough to clue you in to the editorial direction that most news entities travel in these days, nothing is.

Windex: CHANGE you can believe in come close to walking through.



#1 forest 29-Jan-2009
One more item for the trillion dollar hog roast: knobs and hinges for that window to be installed by a non-white non-male construction worker.

I'll give him a little benefit of the doubt because the window is the size and shape of a door, and that opening may have had a door in it at one time, but Bush or Palin would have been crucified for doing something like that. McCain, of course, would have been declared senile.
#2 DMartyr 29-Jan-2009
I can't wait for Saturday Night Live to do a skit on Obama trying to leave a room by repeatedly walking into a window! Lol!

(Okay, I know it isn't going to happen, but I can dream...)
#3 DMartyr 29-Jan-2009
That's true, forest, and this would be a non-issue had libertards not made such a big deal out of Bush attempting to open an actual door that happened to be locked.

Which is more worthy of ridicule - someone attempting to open a locked door, or someone attempting to open a window as though it were a door?
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