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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Good News: Obama is not Jimmy Carter!

The Administration's environmental policy, illustrated.

Behold, a new era in personal responsibility.

This really is shaping up to be the best four years of blog fodder in history.


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#1 peter 29-Jan-2009
You ought to know a little bit more about Carter before just gratuitously bashing him on, say, energy policy. Carter established a federal program to develop alternative energy sources. Can you imagine where we might be had that program been pushed since the late '70's. The problem is that Reagan, in exchange for promises to the oil industry, dismantled the program in virtually one of his first deeds as president.
#2 claudia 29-Jan-2009
Carter is a very wise man. You probably have the necessary I.Q. to understand him when he talks. When you have the mentality of a 14-year old smoking pot, this is what we get - stupid blog.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 29-Jan-2009

Believe it or not, I am not bashing Carter for a change. At least he, when he was instituting his energy efficiency policy, was honest enough to hold himself to the standards that he asked of America, instead of lavishing himself in heated luxury as our current Commander-in-Chief seems to prefer.

Sure, I disagree with plenty that Carter did, but on issues like this, I have always said that he acted [i]honestly[/i] and [i]genuinely[/i], and he always followed his words with [i]personal[/i] action. Is it really that unreasonable for me to expect the Obama Administration to be equally as consistent as Carter was?

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 29-Jan-2009

And yet, you keep coming back for more. At least I'm keeping you entertained, if nothing else.

Oh, and as a little hint: This blog is my "hobby," for which I do not get paid. I do apologize if I skimp on more intellectual fare on occasion, but I really do have to pay the not-so-proverbial bills over here. Of course, if you're looking for high-minded pap, you're more than welcome to keep hanging out over at CBC.

At least over there, you're guaranteed to get a nice, deep sleep.

Look forward to seeing your next outburst!

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