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Deconstruction of Obama's Birth Certificate? Update: Nope!

Heavy-hitting bloggers have already written this controversy off, but hey, as one of the "little, downtrodden" guys, I am more than happy to pitch this one.

TownHall blogger The Greater Evil has come up with some very compelling evidence that the "Certification of Live Birth" released by Markos "Screw Them" Moulitsas last week is a fraud. And I must say, based on every shred of knowledge I have of the way government agencies deal with certificates and security of physical documents, this does have a very strong ring of truth to it. For instance:

A tale of two texts.

The only possible explanations I can come up with for the discrepancies identified by Polarik are (a) the State of Hawaii has the absolute most insecure public records in the entire nation, or (b) wherever Kos got this document from, it's bogus.

Or (c), I'm missing something. That's a given.

Anyway, would love to hear what y'all think of this whole mess.

Update: Case closed. Based on the evidence I see in this birth certificate, I can comfortably say that Hawaii has some of the least secure documents in the nation.

Thanks to Yishai and KK for sending it in—Comparing the two side-by-side, there's no reason to think that the Kos document is fake, as all of the inconsistencies that've been pointed out can now be attributed to scanning/copying/encoding/transmission artifacts.

And seriously, all I needed was to see it in the traditional format, and it all would've made sense:

Throb, baby, throb!

I know most of the big guys wrote this controversy off right away, but I had some lingering doubts, which admittedly relate to the fact that it was released initially through an extremist like Kos. Now that the evidence has come in, however, I'm satisfied that it's genuine.

Oh, and that Hawaii needs to take a serious look at document security.More: When looking to forge a document, it helps to reference the correct agency:

As for the first part, the acronym, "OHSM," stands for "Office of Health Statistics Management," which is not the responsible office within the Department of Health for issuing a certificate of birth. The "1.1" that follows refers to a non-existent document. If there were a "1.1", it would mean a revision of "Form 1" or "Document 1," and since "Document 1" is the form for a "Marriage Certificate," "OHSM 1" would refer to a Marriage Certificate form, and "OHSM 1.1," would refer to another version of that Marriage Certificate form, rather than a "Certificate of Live Birth" form.

Nevermind about that last part?

Being wrong is part of what it means to be a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, duuude. We're evil like that.



#1 Ace of Spades HQ 18-Jun-2008
I'm not capable of evaluating the technical case here but to a layman, it seems compelling. This doesn't, of course, prove that Obama wasn't born in the US (or whatever the theory is as to why his birth certificate is...
#2 Veeshir 18-Jun-2008
The thing that stuck out at me is under his father's race they say "African".

Now, in my life it has gone from "colored" to "negro" to "black" to "African", I'm pretty sure Obama! was born somewhere around "colored" to "negro" and long before "black", much less "African".
#3 KK 18-Jun-2008
Wonder about the Hawaii Statutes referenced at the bottom. Here is the text of both the cited statutes, followed by a statute that wasn't referenced in the Certificate, but sure as heck should have been:

§ 338-19. Photostatic or typewritten copies of records.

The department of health is authorized to prepare typewritten, photostatic, or microphotographic copies of any records and files in its office, which by reason of age, usage, or otherwise are in such condition that they can no longer be conveniently consulted or used without danger of serious injury or destruction thereof, and to certify to the correctness of such copies. The typewritten, photostatic, or microphotographic copies shall be competent evidence in all courts of the State with like force and effect as the original.

§ 338-13. Certified copies.

(a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.

(b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original, subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18.

(c) Copies may be made by photography, dry copy reproduction, typing, computer printout or other process approved by the director of health

§ 338-41. Issuance; procedure.

(a) The department of health may make regulations respecting the form of Hawaiian birth certificates and certified copies of such certificates and other matters relating to Hawaii birth certificates as appear necessary and the regulations, when approved and made in accordance with chapter 91, shall have the force of law. The department shall furnish the form of the certificates and copies made therefrom.

(b) Any certificate of Hawaiian birth issued heretofore under or by virtue of any law of the Territory of Hawaii or the State, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated.
#4 William Teach 18-Jun-2008
Heh. I beat them to it:
#5 Skul 19-Jun-2008
It's probably real. Digging for something that may not be there isn't worth the time. Kind of a so-what issue like John being born in the Panama.
#6 kk 19-Jun-2008
Look at a real certificate posted online:
You'll see a bleed through from the back of the doc. of a seal and a certification stamp and a date near the bottom.
Look at the doc in this post. There a is a date bleed through (looks like June of '07) but no bleed through of the seal or the certification stamp. How does one account for that?
#7 Mike 19-Jun-2008
I will defer to others with greater technical knowledge than I, but I do scan documents all the time. It's just that, 90% of the time I use Acrobat and turn them into PDFs unless I have a specific need to use Photoshop.

Both files are 300dpi .jpg files, so basically what is loosely termed "hi-resolution."

I keep looking at the Obama doc and it just doesn't "look" to me like anything I've scanned before. The text is sharp and distinct even when I zoom in as far as I can (see pics below), but the background doesn't match. In the Obama doc, there is the sort of "halo" around the letters -- something I know can be caused in Photoshop when you try to set a transparent background behind your text, and I know this because I've frustrated myself on more than one occasion tying to clean it up.

What's hanging me up is that there should be a consistent loss of quality when you zoom in. But in the Kos/Obama doc, the background gets a little fuzzy while the text stays sharp. Look at how distinct the "H" is in "OAHU." It's perfectly aligned. Here's another close-up:



If it's a scanned document, with zero shenanigans, the text, the background, all of that should become uniformly fuzzy as you zoom in, because it's all one flat image.

Note as well that the sample doc looks like a document -- like it's been handled and folded. A hi-res color scan looks just like a picture of a real, paper document. The Obama .jpg at first glance looks like it was never a paper document. There's what appears to be a crease near the top, but there's no depth to it, like in the other scan.

One last thing, and for the record -- I'm not pushing this because I believe in some conspiracy theory about Obama's place of birth or parentage. I'm worked up because, after reading this post last night and looking closely at the documents I think it's possible that Markos pulled a fast one, and I don't like it one bit.
#8 Mike 19-Jun-2008
Okay, one more last thing -- one thing I really don't like about the Kos/Obama doc is that all of the text is absolutely perfectly north-south aligned. It's 100% straight in all aspects. Like I said, I scan docs all the time, and unless you're some incredibly anal retentive person, you're not going to have that level of precision, because you're dealing with a piece of paper that (in my case) shifts a minute little bit when you close the top of the scanner. Look at how all the characters in the Kos/Obama doc are absolutely perfectly aligned. The left side of every character is just as heavy as the right. Every letter with verticals like H or U has perfectly straight uniform alignment. Zero loss of quality. It's astounding. I could scan a document a hundred times and never make something that perfect.
#9 Yishai 20-Jun-2008
I am inclined to believe it is a forgery. While there was no 'smoking gun' like Charles' animated gif of Rathergate fame, the large number of subtle issues taken as a whole definitely point toward something not quite halal.
#10 Polarik 27-Jul-2008
First, props to the site owner for referring to my work.

Mike is dead on with his observations, and they resonate with mine.

There's no normal way for all of the letters to look equally sharp and equally oriented, north and south, when the background is more compressed and more distorted than it should be.

If you check out my latest post, I recreate the Kos image, thus demonstrating how these anomalies occur ONLY from direct manipulation, and are definitely not naturally-caused artifacts from scanners, printers, or the software used to crop the image and save it as a compressed JPG.

All of which Mike, here. would agree are valid observations.
#11 John 23-Oct-2008
Louisiana is looking into this, his name might be removed from the Ballot according to senator David Vitter if the Proof of obamas citiizenship......
#12 Polarik 23-Oct-2008
People keep asking, "Why doesn't Obama simply show his genuine birth certificate?"

And, the answer that I've been saying 'til blue in the face, is there is no birth record for Obama, and there never was.

You cannot present what does not exist -- unless you fabricate it...which is exactly what has been done.

That is also the reason why noboby will ever see anything but the forged COLB image.

The "Fight the Smears" website is still claiming that the smallest and most illegible copy made from the original forged image is Obama's original birth certificate.

Even WorldNetDaily's reporter, Drew Zahn, repeats this nonsense as if it were a fact.
#13 Darrell 24-Oct-2008
I'm getting into this a little late, and probably doesn't amount to much either.
What stands out to me in the KOS image is how the periods in U.S.A. and the one after Certificate No. are all perfectly square.
The dots in the colon's in the time are about the same size, yet they are round, there are no other dots on the page that are perfectly square either, no matter what size they are.
I've seen the periods on the photographed images on the factcheck website, and they look very round to me.
#14 Polarik 25-Oct-2008
It's the bottom of the ninth, and you just hit a grand slam.

Great eye, Darrel. On the copy of a friend's 2007 COLB I have, the dots in U.S.A. are ROUND!

I will be getting in one or two more COLBs from people who were born in 1961, so I'll have more, confirmatory evidence.

Your discover of the dot thing confirms my hypothesis that the masthead (upper 1/3 of document image) was a separate image added to the other 2/3 of the COLB image.

Keep up the great work!

#15 John 25-Oct-2008
His Own Grandmother says he was born in Kenya, ....

this is hardly over with,
#16 Polarik 25-Oct-2008
His Own Grandmother says he was born in Kenya, ....

I wonder why he was really visiting Granny in Hawaii. Was he going to get a "death bed" confession from her?

#17 Hawk 31-Oct-2008
For undeniable PROOF that Obama’s so-called certificate is a FAKE, see thie PHOTOS at this page:

Also, as others have noted:

“Notice how his father’s race is listed as AFRICAN. In 1961, his father’s Race would have been listed as NEGRO. In 1961, his father’s Race, in all U.S. Agencies, and in all Birth Certificates, would NOT have been listed as Black nor African, it would have been listed as NEGRO ONLY. Based on these two facts, this is a false birth certificate. ”

#18 Hawk 31-Oct-2008
For undeniable PROOF that Obama’s so-called certificate is a FAKE, see the PHOTOS at this page:

Also, as others have noted:

“Notice how his father’s race is listed as AFRICAN. In 1961, his father’s Race would have been listed as NEGRO. In 1961, his father’s Race, in all U.S. Agencies, and in all Birth Certificates, would NOT have been listed as Black nor African, it would have been listed as NEGRO ONLY. Based on these two facts, this is a false birth certificate. ”

#19 John B 12-Nov-2008
The saddest part of all ?...NONE of this crap will EVER be looked into, ALL the negative stuff about him is going to be suppressed, his campaign financing, his birth place his birth certificate , NOT ONE Thing of his will EVER be exposed, the conspirasy theorist had it right all along, and with obamas NEW "Civilian Authorities" read "Gestapo"....nothing will ever be investigated about him in MY lifetime...
#20 Polarik 12-Nov-2008
Sorry, Hawk, but that's NOT "Undeniable."

THIS is undeniable:

"Polarik's Final Report: Obama's 'Born' Conspiracy Part One, September 17, 2008"
#21 Polarik 12-Nov-2008
Thanks to Yishai and KK for sending it in—Comparing the two side-by-side, there's no reason to think that the Kos document is fake, as all of the inconsistencies that've been pointed out can now be attributed to scanning/copying/encoding/transmission artifacts.

From a GIF the size of a thumbnail??? Think again.

You could not be more wrong if you tried.

You really do need to read what I wrote to get up-to-speed.

If anything, this GIF should tell you that a COLB image that was not scanned flat because of the large folds, would never match one that allegedly was scanned flat.


ALL of the COLB images came from the same forged image. There is no longer any question about it. It's totally bogus, and I proved that way back in June.

In fact, I'm the only one who both proved trhat the image was forged, but also described exactly how the forgery was made, ands why it looks the way it does.

ALL of Factcheck's photos are also bogus.

End of story.
#22 Hatski 16-Nov-2008
this issue will never see the light of day, our constitution is no longer being enforced regardless of the pledges and swearing in, our constituion is being ignored right and left, and when obama gets done with the bill of rights....we will no Longer be the USA, we will be a european style nation.....
#23 Polarik 18-Nov-2008
Thanks for the reference. I need to clarify a few things for everyone.

First, the link that you have listed above should read as follows:

I changed the publication date to reflect when the report was actually completed (June 13) versus the actual day I found a blog I liked on which to publish it (June 20).

Now, I wish to answer Hatski, and ask him to not give up hope. Today is the beginning of a number of legal challenges to Obama's failure to produce his birth certificate.

But, above and beyond that question, is the issue of premeditated fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud, which includes, at a minimum, Obama's Campaign and his ally,, to forge an image of an official Hawaiian State document, and use said instrument to intentionally deceive the American public -- and especially voters -- that Obama has already provided "proof that he is a natural-born US citizen."

This blatant lie was then treated as Gospel once it got picked up by the blogsphere first, and the mainstream media, next, to where a great many voters no longer had any doubt that Obama was qualified, as per Article II of the Constition.

Yet, the more important issue is that Obama, himself, may have given the green light to create this fraudulent document evidence, rather than some obscure staffer who Obama could then throw under the bus.

There is no question that this fraudulent evidence was created solely fo the purpose of Obama to escape having to show his real, original birth certificate, and the consequences that it would cause.

I have no doubt that Obama's true birth record will show that, not only is he Constitutionally unqualified to serve as President, but also that the information contained in this birth record would have destroyed his chances to have ever been chosen as the Democratic nominee, had this information been made public before the primaries.

In short, a lot of dominoes are going to be toppled once Obama is forced to show us his "vault" birth certificate.
#24 Hatski 18-Nov-2008
I can only hope you are right, my issue is, the US Constitution means NOTHING to most in Politics anymore, and is seldom if ever followed or enforced, instead most see it, like our Bill of Rights to circumvent and ignore to accomplish all they need to make their power grow and their lives better. I wish people would wake up, and get all 535 members out of office, and let the new ones know, they will be unemployed soon if they dont perform
#25 Hatski 18-Nov-2008
one has to wonder why they ealed all the records, and if a court CAN, or WILL open them up, I think people should get a grip and see what this really means, it's one thing for a Black to be president, does he have to do so illegally ?...why cant he just show the stuff, and get this all behind us ?....easy....he isnt legally an American, and soon, when he's sworn in with a Koran....people will begin asking more questions....ones they should have much sooner
#26 Polarik 18-Nov-2008
Hatski: I think the question ought to be, "What does he have over all these people who are willing to do his bidding, at a great personal risk to them?"
#27 Hatski 19-Nov-2008
Well I used to think Clinton had stuff on people, but in reality, he didnt, he didnt need to, they are all guilty of something, we just dont know what, and one thing is certain, most of the Democrats have the same agenda, They dont like the US, they HATE Big business, they hate MY guns, and my right to own them, and they Hate GOD, and JESUS, they dont want either referenced anywhere,

having said all that, what gets ME the most? ...what is the 1st thing a government usually does when it swings HARD Left? Socialisim, Marxisim? kills the MEDIA, why would so many in the MEDIA who helped him get erlected be willing to sacrifice themselves for Ideals that we already know doesnt work ?.....

one thing most people havent figured out, as Long as GOD is still a part of this land, and realize many of our freedoms came from HIM (GOD),(not obama)if they kill off GOD, then all those things he gave US, can be taken away, ...and with OUT my guns, I cant do a dam thing about can I ?

pssssst....think they dont already know that ?
#28 Kevin 30-Nov-2008
Vital records registration uses parent provided information for Race, not any preset list of categories. It makes perfect sense for a guy not long off the boat from Africa to list HIMSELF as African. I've seen one Hawaiian birth certificate where Race is listed as "Japanese".
#29 Kevin 30-Nov-2008
You should expect to see a fuzzy background on any scanned Hawaiian birth certificate. That's why they call it "security paper". It's designed to be difficult to copy.
#30 Kevin 30-Nov-2008
I reproduced some of the image experiments here:

#31 Polarik 01-Dec-2008
What's really interesting is how I exposed Krawetz for the totally clueless hack that he is. I made mincemeat of his critique of my research.

The guy's way out of his league here. not even on the same Planet.

Read it here:;page=64#64
#32 Hatski 01-Dec-2008
as long as we, "Americans" allow him, and any other state official to not only ignore requests, but to Block any and all attempts to clarify his legitimacy, and leaglity of US Citizenship, we are fools, we should "DEMAND" from ALL our elected officials to clear this Up, and Stop the BS, stonewalling and outright deception, if you seal records, you ONLY do so because you have something to Hide.
#33 Polarik 18-Dec-2008
Mike, Darrell, Yishai, KK, Hatski:

If you or anyone you know would be interested in posting a rebuttal to my critics, please let me know.

Whenever I write one, it gets perceived as a "pissing contest" between them and I.

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