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Hurt Feelings a Protected Right

From FoxNews comes this unbelievable example of dhimminitude.

A hair salon owner in London claims her business was driven to the brink of ruin after she was ordered to pay $7,800 to a Muslim woman who claimed her feelings were hurt after she was not hired because she wouldn’t show her hair at work, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Wedge salon owner Sarah Desrosiers requires employees to showcase different looks for clients, as her shop specializes in alternative cuts and colors. Bushra Noah, 19, who made it clear during her interview that she would not remove her head scarf for religious reasons, accused Desrosiers of discrimination.

Desrosiers, 32, was ordered to pay Noah $7,800 for indirect discrimination by way of "injury to feelings," The Mail reported.

A muslim woman who refuses to show her hair in public wanted to work in a hair salon. She refused to go against her religion and thus is ANGRY at the shop owner. This woman upheld her beliefs and was free to turn around and walk out the door, but yet, she sues the shop owner when she does not get the job. Why? Because her feelings were hurt. Her feelings were hurt??

How can her feelings be hurt if she stood up for her religious beliefs? That is like saying one's feelings were hurt cause they were able to score a 100% on a test and then sued the teacher because the test was hard. Or better yet, suing a nudie bar for not hiring you when you, based on your religious beliefs, refused to take off your clothes in public. You tell the bar owner no, don't get hired, and then sue the owner for not hiring you because your feelings were hurt.

?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!People, please take note of this. This is where our country is heading. When terrorists can get constitutional rights to a fair trial in civil courts, then people can SUE TO GET A JOB. No, it does not matter how inexperienced you are, how creepy you are, how unfit for the job you are, or how many wrong answers you give, if you really want that job, then just sue for hurt feelings after NOT getting the job.

Now, let me ask you this. Was it only for the money? It couldn't have been for the job? Right? She sued someone who did not want her working for them because she did not get the job. Can you image getting the job by court order? That would do as much damage to the owner's bottom line as the monetary judgment did. Could a nudie bar stay in business long if all the dancers don't strip?

This ruling now makes it an affirmative action to protect your feelings from others. Do you feel hurt, slighted, or somehow put-out by something someone says or does? Then sue them to regain your pride. Besides, your feelings are now protected by law. It is now against the law to even to the slightest degree offend someone.

Does this set up thousands upon thousands of suits in court over the Mohammed cartoons now?


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