The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Morning Fan Mail

Apparently, we've earned ourselves a shiny new fan.

After stumbling across (and spouting off on) a number of our articles on Obama, reader John Foster shares his deep and insightful thoughts on all things Snapped Shot:

Sieg Heil! Fascists!

Wow, I've never heard such a well-researched, long-thought argument against articles here before! With such delicious wit, such sardonic irony, such intrinsically holy arguments like that, I may just have to reconsider everything and turn myself into a mindless drone shining bastion of Political Correctness, just like John.

Then again, maybe I'll just keep going my merry way, fully satisfied in knowing that John Foster will be reading every single word we write from here on out.

Keep that insightful prose coming, John!



#1 captainfish 17-Jun-2008
Love ya John.
Hey John, aren't you glad you are living in a commie fascist land where we can say things like this as we please?

What did you say Brian? We don't? We live in America which is a Democratic Republic built on free speech and tolerance for many things? Oh crap. Hey John, guess you need to move back to Russia to be with the rest of your commie buddies.
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