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Daily Dictator (USA Version)

You know our country is in serious trouble when these two get together and start sharing the love for one another.

"I love you man!" "No, I love you man!" "Have you lost some weight?'

I have a strange sinking feeling that this is a lead-up to Obamassiah's vice-presidential pick. How much do you want to bet that he has selected the Gore-ical. It would fit rather nicely, right? Obamassiah as the anti-christ and the Al Gore-ical as the false prophet? I'm just sayin'.

Who better to implement Gore's policies than the marxist and ubber-socialist Obama?

Does the Obamassiah have a deformity? Or does that come from signing so many autographs playing like he is a real celebrity who has worked for a living.

And, what better an introduction than to be compared to the underside of some woman's shoe? Meanwhile, gay couples are getting married.

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