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Five Feet of Fury

First read this article from the Toronto Star, and then swing over to Five Feet of Fury for an incredible response.

Many thanks to Jihad Watch for finding this.



#1 Cletus 17-Jun-2008
Saw this yesterday, send the author of the Toronto Star article some Mohammed pictures
#2 Kathy Shaidle 17-Jun-2008
Hi, Kathy of FiveFeetOfFury here! Thanks for the link.

We need all the help we can get up here. I'm one of the Canadian conservative bloggers being taken to court for daring to criticize the "Human Rights" Commissions -- for example, the little matters of entrapment, seizing property without search warrants and telecom fraud.

Mark Steyn has been one of our biggest supporters, and as for us, we take HIS cases personally as well.

It is pretty lonely up here because most Canadians don't get it or don't care. Most of our supporters are Americans like you.

Thank God for America. Please invade us. I'm not joking. Our dogs can get MRIs faster than our children can, we hand out free drugs to junkies and force pastors to renounce their beliefs (google "Rev. Stephen Boissoin").

Private property and self defense rights aren't protected by our Charter. Ugh. Don't get me started.

Anyway, thanks for shedding some light on what we're faced with up here. My letter to Haroonatic will probably get me charged with "hate speech" but at this point, I may as well go for it.

God bless,

Kathy Shaidle
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