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Holy Cow: AP Caught Stealing from Cookie Jar, Again?

Blogger Patterico has noticed that the Associated Press lifted 157 words from his blog for one of its recent stories, without compensating him for the exclusive information he provided. This is comical, considering how the Associated Press is in the middle of a little snafu over a blog quoting their articles. Says Patterico:

Now, in a slightly ironic twist, the AP is taking content from a blog site. Namely, mine.

In a news item about the e-mail from Judge Kozinski’s wife that I posted on this site, an AP article lifted numerous passages.

I won't quote any more from Patterico's article, in case he's planning on charging $2.95 per word (just like the other AP). Be sure to hop on over and read the rest—And be sure to get as much of a laugh out of this as I am.

Thanks for the tip, Patterico! I am definitely appreciating the irony of this situation more and more.


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The AP should hire Nelson Muntz to be their official spokesman.

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#1 captainfish 17-Jun-2008
Yeah, nothing like placing Fair Usage into the trash can. Charging $2.95 per AP word cited????

Is there a discount if we cite words AP quoted someone else saying? How about if the citor is a minority? Is their a subsidy if the citor is an illegal immigrant?

This will truly bite the (no-name mentioned) in the arse!
#2 DMartyr 18-Jun-2008
The AP is on the offensive to stop bloggers from second-guessing them. Their credibility goes down the toilet every time a blogger like Brian calls them on their inaccuracies and biased reporting.

This tactic is akin to muslimes using "hate speech" accusations to stifle free speech about muhammad and islam. It's a way of silencing the opposition so certain views cannot be challenged.
#3 Pirate's Cove 18-Jun-2008
By now, most know about the AP’s new project to charge bloggers and other linkers $12.50 to $100 for excerpts, based on number of words.
Now, everyone thinks that the AP is shooting itself in the foot. I disagree. Why? Because, in fact, this whol...
#4 Brooke 19-Jun-2008
The AP sees themselves as royalty and we are the unwashed rabble. We need to be good little peasants and take what 'news' they so generously give us.

They just can't have us correcting them!
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