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Best Spam Comment, Evar!

I'm cutting-and-pasting this from e-mail, rather than approving it for display on the blog, so I can remove all of the links contained within. Seriously, this is perhaps the most creative spam comment I've ever seen, and I get over 10,000 every single day. See if you can find all of the hyperlinks:

Link to entry
Requires review: Yes (Too many hyperlinks)
User IP-address:
User Name: thitouppy
User Email: [email protected]
User Homepage: http://REDACTED/sitemap.xml


Liberals aren’t just for blacks or women, they are supposed to be for human rights. Liberals are supposed to be for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people, not just blacks and women! Where is the white man in their scheme of the future world? Where is liberty for choice? Simply where is liberty?

Liberals and democrats should stand for human rights for all. The democratic party seems to miss the barn if they do not stand for the rights of all. It is not a trade. Democrats seem to be trading the rights of the adult male for women, children and minorities. What is this simplistic marketing venue?? Who made all this??

Get a life Democrats, you should make the point that you are for human rights or not? You know, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? That type of stuff. You fail if you take sides. You cannot be for human rights and for only one sex, race, or income level. And if you think that it is all enough it is mistake it is just start point.

Do Democrats understand the human race?? Make they thru American dream? What really American needs??

What do you think about? Post here your reaction!

I think it is all about our real life now and what is good you or me not exist we all together make decision who will be next....

To whomever the marketing agency responsible for this awe-inspring advertising creation is?

I'm turning the keys of Snapped Shot over to you.



#1 Nigel 18-Jun-2008
Oh my gosh...that was incredible. I totally fell for the links. Though they were all "redacted", I saw what they all were for.

Oh case you haven't heard this in a while...the AP sucks. I stole your banner for a post, how much do I owe you?

(not that I'm actually going to pay you, mind you. Because I stole it. You can still send me a bill if you like)
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Jun-2008

It made my morning, that's for sure. And any time the AP is in a position of discomfort, I'm definitely overjoyed. No worries about the graphic, but be sure to send the check over to [url= Republic[/url]—that's where I "borrowed" the image from. ;)

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