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Missing: The World's Only Decent Contractor

Your help in these matters is greatly appreciated!

Anyone seen Mike Holmes' show Holmes on Holmes on the air lately?My dad turned me on to that show a while ago, and I always liked to watch it. Holmes would regularly expose the shoddy techniques used by today's builders, and he and his crew were always on site to help get things fixed for homeowners in dire straits—But the lessons that they teach the viewers in the process are priceless.

The show, however, was canned as a part of the Discovery Channel's disgusting Planet "Preachy" Green changeover, wherein all programming that was of actual value was scrapped in favor of shows which are suitable only for the religiously deluded (by which I mean: Environmentalists).


Surely, there's another network out there that would be willing to pick up this fine gentleman's show.


(Oops, forgot: h/t Bydio)



#1 forest 18-Jun-2008
Since we bought a house, my wife watches it all the time. It's a pretty good show, aye?

The "green" home shows suck. I've watched a couple and it's always the same crap. Bamboo floors (imported from Asia) that are supposedly environmentally better than domestic wood flooring, and a bunch of other ridiculous crap that does next to no good, but apparently makes the neurotic home owners feel better about themselves - I guess.
#2 doc 18-Jun-2008
What I really liked about his show was that he didn't do all the work but contracted it. He did a real General Contractor's job. What I learned was... The problem is always deeper than you first see. If one thing is rigged then most likely everything will be rigged. Then only green discovery really cares about is the money they are trying to capitalize on. I was flipping through and caught life with Ed and I heard a great quote from his wife (who's not green). Ed does all this to try and get rid of his guilt, but the more he does the guiltier he is. His guilt isn't about the environment, it's guilt for living.
#3 Cletus 18-Jun-2008
Mike Holmes was reppin' my neighbourhood

Who is Mike Holmes?

#4 Donkeyrock 18-Jun-2008
Mike Holmes FTW

#5 captainfish 18-Jun-2008
I like his hair cut.

That is about all i got on this one. I don't watch fluffy shows.

#6 Donkeyrock 18-Jun-2008
If you ever had a builder or contractor that's screwed you, Mike Holmes is your best friend.
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Jun-2008
Hahaha!! Don't make us invade you, indeed!

If you [i]really[/i] stand for we, o Canada, why don't you [i]show[/i] it... by sending Mike Holmes down this way?

#8 Brandon 24-Jun-2008
There's a Holmes on Homes marathon on Canada Day. Want me to tape it for you?
#9 Donkeyrock 24-Jun-2008
Brandon is teasing us yankees.
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