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It's Not Photoshop:™ Headscarves Shunned from Obama Event

The Democratic party is the new standard-bearer for unity and tolerance, after all:

Two Muslim women at Barack Obama’s rally in Detroit Monday were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women’s headscarves from appearing in photographs or on television with the candidate…

On a positive note, at least this didn't result in a really embarrassing attempt at Photoshop-correction after the fact.

... BUT If It Were!
What the heck? Here's what I think an "average" Obama crowd would look like:

Like, war is soooo bad, man!

I'm working on more ideas over here. Here's Source A and Source B for these particular pictures.

I've got more ideas beyond the fold—Be sure to send in your own, too. Photoshop fodder here, source material here.


The American Pundit, Dollard (heh), Confederate Yankee, LGF, Hyscience, Gateway Pundit (with detailed background), doubleplusundead, Prairie Pundit, Insty, Hot Air
Th-elebrate marriage, the Democrat way! [Th-ource]

Мы Советски товарищи! [Source]

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#1 Cletus 18-Jun-2008
ahahaha you can see Frank Chu in the background in the first pic
#2 Pirate's Cove 18-Jun-2008
Hmm, I think I found the average Obama crowd for Brian C. at snapped shot

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#3 William Teach 18-Jun-2008
Here ya go:

Photobucket fragged at the moment.
#4 captainfish 18-Jun-2008
Now that is funny. I love it!!!

Gimme some May Day Commie rally parades with the two nitwits in front.
#5 DRH 18-Jun-2008
Obama is guilted!
#6 Skul 19-Jun-2008
I wonder what job the gorical is fishing for?
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