The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

U.S. Air Force Pollutes Water Reservoir

... with a big ol' pile of steel:

That's how tomorrow's New York Times would've probably spun it, at least. Hope it passes for a decent mid-afternoon joke, otherwise.



#1 captainfish 18-Jun-2008
DAMN!!! Look at all the ants coming out of their holes to eat on the carcasses.

One of the problems we have over there, it was obvious that there were 2 vehicles involved. They destroy the second car first. Then the ants and the first car drive by the bombed remains and the ants empty out the first car.

THAT would have been the perfect time to do some extermination of them ants. Drop another bomb and take out that other car along with the other scumbags carrion-eating varmints. Or they should have at least blown those guys up as they were setting up their mortars.

Time to get tougher guys.
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