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Iranian Student Arrested For Rejecting Sexual Advances

Tehran, 20 June (AKI) - Students at Iran's Zanjan University outside Tehran have been protesting for more than a week over the alleged sexual abuse of a student by a university dean in charge of campus morality.

While the deputy head of the university remains free, the young woman has been arrested.

The student was said to have been offered several sexual advances by the deputy head of the university, under pressure, she agreed, and in collussion with other students she went to the prearranged 'meeting' at the deputy head's office with a recording device.

While the dean was undressing, the students burst into his office, caught him half naked and then alerted university security. The video then circulated on the internet for days.

While a spokesman for the university announced the female student's arrest, it is not clear what charges she faces.

The Minister for Science, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, condemned the students' actions and above all accused the students of "spreading pornographic images" referring to the filming of the "moraliser" without his shirt.

"This type of action is contrary to the ethics of Islam," said the minister.


Exposing an abusive, immoral Dean is 'contrary to the ethics of Islam', but a Muslim man molesting a young woman against her will isn't? Since when does Islam have any ethics, especially when it comes to women?

The hypocrisy of the religion of peace is astounding. Does anyone need more proof Islam is the concoction of a egotistical, sexist, chauvinistic pig to keep men in a position of superiority over women?

[Update:] I found what is apparently the related video.



#1 captainfish 22-Jun-2008
Yep, no ethics whatsoever. Some of the most vile and reprehensible people are the Islamic Morality Police. Elder of Ziyon typically posts on what he likes to call, Saudi Vice.
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