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Proof of Obamassiah-ship (now with working link)

And the Heavenly Voices sing!
Warner Todd Houston, over at NewsBusters, latest posting shows us how the media and Obamians adore and revere their Obamassiah. He has accumulated various images that were used by the Obama camp, Obamassiah's followers, and even from the media. And as you would have guessed, many of his images have that Communistic overtone.

Click the image to head on over to see Warner's showing of Obamassiah's iconography.

Update: Sorry about the non-working link. Fixed it.



#1 DMartyr 23-Jun-2008
I'm not getting a link for the image...
#2 forest 23-Jun-2008
"...even the media" I'm shocked!

No link for me either, but NB wasn't coming up when I went to it directly either, so it may be on their end.
#3 Cletus 23-Jun-2008
alright, I vandalized the wikipedia page on Obama ONCE, just once, and over the next 2 days I got warned 3 times by 3 different mods for the same instance of vandalism (which shouldn't happen, as after the first warning I didn't vandalize anything else). I contested the ban, and they indefinitely banned me from wikipedia forever and ever.

it's clear what those faggots political views are
#4 Cletus 23-Jun-2008
alright I read the article...

Remember when Huckabee filmed a Christmas video, and in the background there was a set of shelves that only [i]looked[/i] like a cross? The media went wild, the likes of John Stewart insisting that it was on purpose, making a big deal out of it. Now Obama is photographed in front of a REAL cross, not something that LOOKS like one, and no one cares. It pisses me off so much it's indescribable.
#5 captainfish 23-Jun-2008
Amen Cletus. The hypocrisy is so blatant and obvious these days. But what is worse..... the public does not care any more.

Why? Look at who our candidates for president are. We had three candidates that were all socialist and one that is also a Marxist.

This Marxist has no real experience in government and absolutely no experience in federal government, and a complete sub-zero experience managing anything. His policies are anti-American, his beliefs and associates are racist, bigoted and elitist. But yet this person has risen so far so fast to now have a very great chance of becoming president.

Does that not tell you the state of our educational system, the state of morality, and the state of intelligence of the people in this nation?

When morality, judgment, patriotism, and limiting government are not found in any form in any presidential campaign (even the repubelican) then you know we are screwed.

Knowing this, Obama will probably be our next president. Kiss your ass goodbye.
#6 Cletus 23-Jun-2008
It makes me grateful to live in Canada, that's for sure
#7 captainfish 24-Jun-2008
I think I will move to the more peaceful and economy loving Cuba. I probably won't find as much hate-America people there.
#8 Cletus 24-Jun-2008
dude come up here. we can plan a coup
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