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How The Internet Will Destroy Islam

Defeating Muhammadan Islam may be more simple than many think. David Wood over at Answering Infidels offers an interesting view.

Heinrich Heine once wrote a clever poem titled “Marie Antoinette,” in which the ghost of everyone’s favorite French queen entertains her guests with “strictest etiquette.” The irony of the poem is that neither Antoinette nor her guests realize that their heads are missing. They were all beheaded during the French Revolution, but without their heads, they don’t have the brains to acknowledge their headlessness.

Islam is currently in a similar situation. Muhammad’s empire of faith has managed to thrive in the modern world for one simple reason: Muslims have kept Muhammad’s dark past a secret. Indeed, they have gone beyond keeping it a secret; they have somehow convinced themselves (and many others) that Muhammad was an outstanding moral example, perhaps even the greatest moral example of all time. Perpetuating this fraud has been, in my opinion, the most stupendous deception in world history.

Read the rest:
Islam Beheaded: The Information Superhighway & the Death of Mohammedanism



#1 akhtar 24-Dec-2010
i give u simple explain simple think if u have too choice in front of there is to tonick one is expried 3 years before is your jesus & the second one expried after 1000 years which one u going to use tell me dear u dont have any words too say
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