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Rioting Pays Off

Looks like the Muslim tactic of violently rioting at the slightest offense is starting to pay dividends. Two radical Muslim brothers have been paid almost £60,000 to avoid protests:

THE two brothers at the centre of the bungled Forest Gate anti-terror raid are to receive more than £60,000 in compensation from Scotland Yard, the Mail can reveal.

Following six months of negotiations, Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 25, and Abul Koyair, 23, will get the payout as a 'goodwill gesture'.

Last night it emerged that although the legal advice to the Yard was that they could fight the action, senior officers have decided to settle to avoid sparking 'community' tensions.

Allahu achbar!



#1 captainfish 19-Jun-2008
It is good to know that once again, the hurt feelings of muslims gets England to pay up.
#2 Kevin 20-Jun-2008
England hurt my feelings when they attacked America in 1812. Can I have some money too?
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