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Daily Dictator

Our little pal Mahmoud runs into troubles of the flatulent nature during the most inopportune moments.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, the photo definitely might have been manipulated badly or so. Let's just say I wanted to spare our pal Donkeyrock some trouble, shall we?

Original photo here, though I'd recommend not clicking on the link if you're a Windows user. You know how troublesome those Iranian government websites can be...



#1 busywolf 01-Jul-2008
Yes, I will marry you...
#2 DMartyr 01-Jul-2008
Did you see the picture of Mahmoud and his "wife" at [url=]LGF[url]
#3 Donkeyrock 01-Jul-2008
The LGF pic:

And this one here:

#4 Cletus 01-Jul-2008
I'm not going to check out the original. I know all about those 1337 |>3®514// |-|4><
#5 captainfish 01-Jul-2008
Looks like he is about to go dancing around and start singing "Truly Scrumptious" to the other guy's Doll on a Box".

He just needs the clown costume and it will be perfect.

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