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Now this is the level of narcissistic arrogance I have come to expect from the increasingly mindless world of the Politically Correct. Jimmy, you get an "F" for e"f"fort, indeed:

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Amazing white people hate the truth when it comes to this country. THE LAND WAS STOLEN FROM MEXICO. Only convenient history books call it anything other than stealing. Crybaby white people upset because California is becoming Mexico again. It's called JUSTICE. It was their land to begin with. White people are nothing but bastardized descendants of illegal immigrants. It's amazing how all of a sudden Mexicans are called illegal in a territory that once belonged to them. White people! If YOU guys don't like it, YOU GO BACK to where YOUR ancestors came from! I just purchased a CASE of Absolut! More power to you guys!

Moral equivalence? Check.

Blatant racism against white people? Yup.

Third-grader's understanding of "I'm Rubber, You're Glue?" Nicely done.

Jimmy, why not start by asking yourself: What Would Jefferson Davis Do?



#1 mark 30-Jun-2008
Jimmy needs a whupping, as he obviously hasn't properly learned US history.
#2 Kevin 01-Jul-2008
Did he just call you an amazing white person? Sure, it's a little racist, but it's not often a stranger calls one 'amazing'.

#3 WhackaDhimmi 01-Jul-2008
Brian, welcome back!

I always find it curious how someone picks some point at time in history as the "beginning" to suit their agenda.

"Jimmy hit me first!" "No, Johnny hit me!" "No I didn't, you took my toy airplane!" ... ad nauseam ...
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