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Supreme Court Upholds Right To Bear Arms

To spare Brian a HUGE bills from the Associated Press, I'll limit this article quote:

guns... constitutional... right...

Sorry, Brian, but that's $7.50 you owe the Associated Press. However, as you may have figured, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. Hallelujah and pass the ammo!

Image compliments of Go visit and purchase a shirt! (Then they probably won't charge Brian for the use of their image!)



#1 Kevin 27-Jun-2008
Hey, I said 'guns' 'right' and 'constitutional' before too! You owe me $7.50 too!
#2 DMartyr 27-Jun-2008
You... owe... $7.50...

You quoted those words straight from my post! So we're even!

#3 captainfish 27-Jun-2008
Since I read those words 3 times now, who do I pay $22.50 to?
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