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cr(AP): Israel's fault Palestinian truce fails

I take this story from Fox News.

Israel refused on Friday to fully open crossings with the Gaza Strip and Palestinian militants attacked Israel with mortars, further testing an already fragile truce.

I am squishing your head, you giant head person you!

Israel refused to open a border in Gaza which caused the "militants" to respond with mortars. And thus, the truce is "tested".

For the third day in a row, Israel prevented food trucks from entering Gaza by closing crossings in retaliation for repeated Palestinian rocket attacks, Israeli army spokesman Peter Lerner said. Later in the day, Palestinian militants fired two mortar shells toward Israel, Israeli police said, but no injuries or damage were reported. It was not immediately clear which militant faction fired the shells.

So, Israel said.... Israel said. So, Israel said that these militants responded with rockets when Israel prevented food trucks from feeding the poor and hungry oppressed Palestinians. I guess the cr(AP) believes the militants more than Israel. And, does it matter what faction did the launching? They are Palestinians (in name) all. And, as there was no damage reported from these attacks, then no harm no foul.

Only when you get down in to the story, do you find this:
The six-month truce worked out during months of Egyptian mediation began June 19. But only five days into the cease-fire, the Islamic Jihad group fired three rockets toward Israel, injuring two Israelis, and prompting Israel to close the crossings beginning Wednesday.

So, now we find out that this truce that was to last only 6 months, died after 5 days. But the MSM still feels like this truce is only being "tested" after NUMEROUS rocket launches. So, the Palestinians launched rockets first, Israel responded classically by closing down the Gaza Strip and not responding militarily. However, the MSM still likes to blame Israel for anything and everything, including the starving of innocent women and children.

Hamas wants to end the blockade of Gaza, which has brought hardship on the people under its control. Hamas leaders said repeatedly this week that they are committed to the truce, despite the ongoing rocket fire...

So, once again, the cr(AP) blames Israel for the increased crackdown on militants smuggling despite even Hamas' statements to the contrary. And, I love how Hamas is still committed to the "truce" despite their members still attacking Israel.

Now, doesn't this all sound just too familiar? Israel spent years and Israeli lives trying negotiate a truce with Fatah and the PLO under Yasser Arafat. But, time and time again Arafat refused to control his people and his factions. And, the MSM accused Israel of not giving the Fatah and PLO a chance or responding disproportionately.

Now, fast forward to now. Israel no longer has to focus on PLO but on Hamas these days. But, they have to deal with cr(AP) every day.

"We expect everyone to respect the agreement," he told reporters outside a Gaza mosque after Muslim prayers. "So that the Palestinian people achieve what they look for, an end to this suffering and breaking the siege."

How about stopping your attacks on Israel then. If you have to depend upon them to deliver your food, supplies, and all necessary essentials, then maybe you should not "bite the hands that feed you". MSM takes the bleeding heart line from Hamas and allows them to blame Israel for all their own self-inflicted problems. Any follow up questions, huh?

But if Hamas does not stop the rockets and if more Israelis are hurt, Israel could launch retaliatory strikes that would most likely lead to a complete collapse of the cease-fire. Palestinians have launched at least seven rockets and mortars toward Israel since the cease-fire began.

So, it will be Israel's fault that the truce is broken if Israel responds to increased rocket attacks and murders. It will be a "complete collapse" when Israel responds, but the truce is only tested when Hamas continues their deadly rocket attacks.

And, of course, the U.N. is of absolutely no help due to their anti-Israeli bias.

A U.N. official said Friday that Israeli troops have violated the truce by opening fire several times at Palestinians approaching the Gaza-Israel border fence.

In response, the army said soldiers fired warning shots on several occasions to drive away people approaching the border, but it was unaware of any Palestinian casualties.

So, according to the ever-protective U.N., Israel violates the truce by firing warning shots, but Hamas only "tests" the truce after firing rocket attacks.

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#1 Anonymous 29-Jun-2008
"..Israel could launch retaliatory strikes that would most likely lead to a complete collapse of the cease-fire"

well right now it hasn't completely collapsed. Israel is holding up their end, it's only Hamas that has broken it. So it has half collapsed
#2 Jonathan 29-Jun-2008
Good summary.
#3 Pirate's Cove 29-Jun-2008

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#4 captainfish 29-Jun-2008
Anonymous, why is it up to only Israel to uphold the peace?

Also, why would it be Israel's fault when they respond to continued attacks from the other party? If only one side upholds a truce, is it really a truce? And why blame Israel for when the other side fails?

Why do people continue to placate the Pallies and not hold them to common standards that all other cultures are held to? Why are they given a pass and allowed to act like animals? Is it because we dont expect that they can be anything more than animals?
#5 Jonathan 29-Jun-2008
captainfish, I think you misunderstood Anonymous's comment. It seems to me that he's defending Israel just fine by saying they're holding up their end of the cease-fire.
#6 captainfish 29-Jun-2008
I understand that aspect. But, if I had misunderstood, I apologize. My take on that comment was that the truce is still up because of Israel and it was up to Israel to keep the truce up.

My question, how can there only be a half-truce? Why should it be left up to only Israel to try and maintain the truce?

DMartyr has a post where he found that Hamas refuses to tell their rocketeers to stop firing. This is exactly like how Israel played cat-n-mouse with the PLO and Arafat. What did Israel get out of that except constant lambasting from the world. Even the US pressured Israel to settle, no matter the cost, with the PLO. And now we are doing the same pressuring on Hamas (a terrorist organization remember).

Could we possibly expect a real "truce" with al-Queda or Taliban???

Shouldn't the focus be on Hamas FAILING the truce? This truce, according to the rules of the truce, has been broken based on the actions of Hamas, but yet the world still demands that ISRAEL uphold their end.

That is just my point.
#7 Kat 23-Jan-2009
Interesting piece. My only question is why are there so many civilian casualties in Palestine? I won't argue the fact that Israel is right to defend the security of the borders, clearly Hamas broke the truce first. But the last time I checked there was over a thousand civilian deaths and less than a hundred Hamas dead. What do these raids into Gaza amount to?
#8 captainfish 23-Jan-2009
Hello Kat. Thank you for posting.

While the total number killed might have been over 1,000, the fact that Hamas dressed as civilians prevents an accurate accounting of who were REAL civlians. My guestimate would be that more than 75% were Hamas.

The fact that Hamas fights and launches their attacks from within civlian structures and populations, means that any response is going to harm those civilians as well as the Hamas members.

What does this amount to? How about deterring Hamas from trying to push Israel so far again? How about further deterring Lebanon and Syria from doing the same? How about just feeling like kicking some terrorist butt? How about getting sick and tired of the UN not doing its job protecting Israel civilians and having to do it for them?

How about just plain self-defense?
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