The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


Sun, sand, and fun in the year 2008.

I'm finally back online now, at least for a little bit. It felt great to be away from the Internet and news for so long, though I understand I've missed a little bit? What's this I'm hearing about the Supreme Court making a definitive stance on gun rights, for instance?

Feel free to clue me in on what's going on down in the comments, if you'd like. I'm going to be running around today (recital season) and tomorrow (jury duty?!), but hope to sit down and catch up on my little feed reader here as soon as I can.



#1 DMartyr 29-Jun-2008
Blogged here.

I quoted the AP, so you owe them a bit of money... I'm sure you'll be getting a bill soon.
#2 DMartyr 29-Jun-2008
BTW, welcome back. :)
#3 Cletus 29-Jun-2008
'eyyyyy, Brian.

Other than that gun shit, you basically missed nothing of importance.
#4 captainfish 29-Jun-2008
Brian? Brian who?

he he he he

Welcome back Brian. Hope you feel energized to return back to the grind.
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