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Taliban and western media promote butchery

It would seem we have another case of an embedded photographer who either promotes or is willingly being used by terrorists to spread terror and butchery.

From Fox News comes a photo and news:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A gang of Pakistani militants executed two alleged U.S. spies in front of thousands of cheering supporters Friday as a top U.N. official expressed fears that Pakistani government peace deals with the gunmen were sparking a wave of human rights abuses.

At least 5,000 people gathered by a stream in the Bajur region to watch the executions, which highlighted the power of local Taliban forces in the lawless tribal areas near the Afghan border.

Sounds like a pure lynch-mob to me.

And, who was there to document this savage butchery? Yep, you guessed it. Our favorite organization that likes to silence dissent and promote anti-western and anti-democratic ideals.

Question is, looking at that photo and knowing that the photog was RIGHT THERE in between the gunmen, was the photog there to promote this event or were they willingly used by everyone's enemy, the Taliban, to promote their terror in the western media.

What is sad, is that it makes no difference what the answer to that question is. The clear answer now is that the MSM, especially the cr(AP), willingly promotes terror and terroristic propaganda. And, that seems to be just ok with the world.

My question is, after 7 years, why is the Taliban still alive? Isn't it time to lay waste to that worthless area?



#1 Cletus 29-Jun-2008
Afghanistan and Pakistan are barren wastelands. We should glassify them
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