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Making deals with terrorists

You know the saying: "We don't make deals with terrorists."

Even Israel in its early years utterly refused to cave in to terrorists even to the point of conducting massive military raids against terrorists holding hostages. They just would not give the terrorists the inkling of an idea that they could get away taking Israeli hostages.

But, these days are different. These days, Political Correctness runs amok. These days, liberal idealism and pocketbook diplomacy rule. Take the recent action in Israel.

From Yahoo News:

The Israeli government agreed Sunday to free a Lebanese gunman convicted in one of the grisliest attacks in the country's history in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers killed by Hezbollah guerrillas.

The German-mediated deal was a rare political victory for embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and closed a chapter from Israel's inconclusive war against the Lebanese militant group two years ago.

These were the two Israeli soldiers that whose capture led to the Lebanon War (ummm, skirmishincident) of 2006.

According to cr(AP), this is a victory for Olmert. Releasing a vile, despicable, reprehensible, violent, deadly, (any more descriptors Cletus?) Hezbollah terrorist in exchange for two dead soldiers, soldier body parts and a report on another airman killed in the crash of his plane in 1986. And, explain to me how this closes a chapter when they are releasing a known, convicted, and admitted terrorist?

Now, to give you an idea what this animal did, read this:
The most difficult part for Israel was the release of Samir Kantar. He is serving multiple life sentences for infiltrating northern Israel in 1979 and killing three Israelis — a 28-year-old man, his 4-year-old daughter and an Israeli police officer.

Witnesses said Kantar smashed the little girl's head against a rock and crushed her skull with a rifle butt. The attack has been etched in the Israeli psyche as one of the cruelest in the nation's history. Kantar denied killing the girl or smashing her skull.

Her mother, while trying to silence the cries of her other daughter as Kantar and three others rampaged through the apartment, accidentally smothered the 2-year-old.

This person should have been put to death after conviction. That way this would be a true exchange deal. One dead animal for 2 dead Israeli heroes.

At least Olmert is not pushing that this was a great deal:
Olmert began the meeting by saying the deal would affect the lives of all Israelis in the coming years. "Even people with the highest responsibility, like me, have the right and duty to have doubts, as this decision deals with the repercussions on our lives in the coming years."

The prime minister noted, "I admit that I had a lot of doubts due to the problem's multiple aspects, and due to history and the different considerations.

And, as you would expect, this was a political vote by a "PC" cabinet:
The motion was carried with a majority of 22 ministers, who sided with the official stance of the IDF and against that of the Mossad and Shin Bet.

Meaning that the ministers followed the wishes of the political wing of their army, but the pure military component, responsible for the dealings, contending and analysis of terrorists and their organizations wanted no part of a deal with terrorists.

You know, like all of Israel's latest actions over these last few years, this will come back and bite them in their arse.

UPDATE: Elder of Ziyon has a much better analysis of what this deal means:
Unfortunately, in one sense, Israel just handed Hezbollah its victory.

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#1 Skul 30-Jun-2008
Honest, the scum should be sent back in the same condition as the two returning Isrealis. It's only fair.
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