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Rage Boy Sighting!

There appears to be something of a tiff going on in Srinagar right now, with the wires reporting that they're in the midst of an 8-day strike, instigated by the hardline (and totally "rageiriffic") All Parties Hurriyat Conference.

You know what that means, don't you?

Kashmiri muslims shout pro freedom slogans during a protest in summer capital of Indian Kashmir June 29, 2008. Police fired teargas shells for a 7th Day on Sunday as hundreds of stone pelting protesters staged fresh street demonstrations in parts of Kashmir's main city against a government decision to transfer forest land to a Hindu shrine trust. At least 4 People died and 450 Including Protestors and Security men are injured since the protest began (Newscom TagID: zumawirewestphotos189907) [Photo via Newscom]

Far be it from me to point out that the timing of this protest, which started on about the same day I left town on vacation, is totally coincidental. Honest.

Anyway, more fully-licensed Islamic Rage Boy hilarity can be found beyond the fold. Stay tuned for updates!
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Just don't get carried away with anger or anything!

Even Rage Giant is in on the fun!

It was a regular Rage fashion show, in fact.

These guys are doing it all wrong, but that's okay. Islamic Rage Boy will get them all trained up, pronto.

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#1 Donkeyrock 30-Jun-2008
#2 captainfish 30-Jun-2008
Dang... he is HUGE!!!

So, Muslims are protesting for "freedom"?
Or, are they protesting the ruling that protects trees by some Hindus?

I don't get it? Neither sounds at all cogent. That would be like cockroaches protesting for cleanliness.

BTW, I wouldn't mind having a sumer capital.
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