The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Poor Wittle Baby!

Get yourself beaten to a pulp by Hezbullah goons? Nary a word from the press at large.

Hamas spend a bit of time using you as a soccer ball? Hardly a peep is to be expected for your troubles. (And not even one photograph, apparently!)

Get a tiny scratch from the IDF, however, and it's time for weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Boo fricking hoo, I say.

  #Human Shields


#1 captainfish 30-Jun-2008
hahahhahahaaa.... he calls that an injury? I get more than that trying to wrestle my own kid.

Notice too, his IV drip is hung up on the pole so that it wont drip.

Hey bud, nice brand NEW shirt there. I wonder if he is an activist or anything. hmmm??!? Let's see, he comes from Britain via Jordan to the west bank and then wants to travel to Gaza. Right!!
Why not fly to Egypt and cross there? Oh, that's right. Egypt hates the Pallies.

Let's see...
New Clothes - $40
Trip to Britain for award: $1500
Getting to blame Israel for falling down: $Priceless.
#2 Kevin 30-Jun-2008
I hope the IDF was forward-thinking enough to plant a GPS tracking device on his equipment. Palestinian journalists are known to cavort with the jihadis and all...
#3 DMartyr 01-Jul-2008
OMG! He was strip searched *and* detained for 4 hours?! Oh, the humanity! You Jewish bastards!

(Seriously, where can I get his health plan? I would have to have arterial bleeding with blood spewing in every direction before I could get a hospital bed, and he's admitted with a bruise? WTF? Like Captain says, I've seen worst bruising from yard work...)

BTW, did you notice the shirt? Don't want no Olympics in an oppressive country! (When does Israel get the Olympics?)
#4 The Murder of Jewish Toddlers! What HEZBOLLAH is “ALL ABOUT!” 01-Jul-2008
Baby Killer: Hero to the Arabs
Israel has just handed a huge victory to Hizbullah and to the world-wide jihadist movement. Israel has agreed to swap a notorious baby killer, and other terrorists, for the corpses of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Baby killer Samir Quantar, not surprisingly, is a hero to the Arab world. Because he crushed a Jewish child's skull with a rock, because he made the Jewish father watch this bloody deed and then murdered the father, he has become a symbol to the Arab world of their jihad against Israel, against Jews.

Do not fool yourselves that this a "moral victory" for Israel.

This is self-righteous nonsense and deeply delusional.

Moral victories like this result in jubilation in every Arab capital and the guarantee that more Jewish babies will be murdered in cold blood; more Jews will be kidnapped, tortured and murdered by jihadists.

Moral victories like this swap are part of the incremental steps that lead a society to collapse from within.

Moral victories like this reward the IslamoNazis for every atrocity—past and future. It's called positive reinforcement.

When Israel—a land under siege by genocidal enemies—makes national security decisions based on tragic individual cases, that society is doomed because her enemies will move forward, emboldened, to exploit this weakness again and again and again.

We know that Hamas, and Hizbullah, Persia's proxie, are celebrating this infamous deal. But take notice that Fatah, the "moderate" terrorist gang, are also publicly celebrating this human monster's deed and release.

So, sure, go ahead, keep negotiating with the Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, and then hand over East Jerusalem to Fatah.

According to Smadar Haran, her last memories of Danny and Einat, that day, were when they were being led away at gun point by Kuntar. She could hear from her closet space Danny telling Einat, "Don't be scared, my baby, it will be alright" and Einat replied to him in her little voice, "Dad, where is Mommy? I want Mommy." Smadar's last memory of her 2-year-old daughter, Yael, was when her little daughter was taken to the apartment hiding space. Right before Yael had her mouth covered by her mother, she asked her mother "Where is my little pacifier." There was no time to search for the pacifier. Minutes later Smadar covered Yael's mouth to keep her from revealing the hiding space. Smadar soon felt her daughter's tiny tongue licks and lip sucking on the palm of her hand. She didn't know what to make of it at first but hours later was told by doctors and paramedics that the reason Yael was licking her palm while she covered her mouth was because she was gasping for air.

After drowning Danny in the sea in front of little Einat, Kuntar, the brave Lebanese freedom fighter, then turned his attention towards the frightened little 4-year old. He took his rifle and then swung it across the little toddler's head, knocking her to the ground. As little Einat was knocked to the ground, she was screaming and crying hysterically "mommy daddy help me," while thrashing her little legs around in the sand. But unfortunately Einat was alone, and no one was there to save her. Kuntar then dragged the little toddler a couple of feet to the closest rock he could find, this was while she was begging him not to hurt her. Kuntar, then laid her head down on a rock, with the intention of crushing it with the butt of his rifle. Einat, instinctively covered her head with her little arms, Kuntar struggled with the little toddler until he finally managed to clear her arms out of the way so that he could aim for her head. Once her arms were out of the way, Kuntar proceeded on beating her on the head over and over with the butt of his rifle, and repeatedly stomping on her little body as hard as he could as well, until blood rushed out of her ears and mouth, and her little cries faded away as she was knocked into unconsciousness. Then, to ensure she was dead, Kuntar continued on beating her over the head, as hard as he could, several more times until her skull was crushed and she was dead.

#5 captainfish 01-Jul-2008
YEP... he is nothing but an animal worthy of being put down in a similar manner. I would suggest the same manner Islam uses to "punish" adulterers. Bury him up to his head and then stone the head till the head is gone.
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