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Obama: Who Needs White Guys, Anyway?

Evan Coyne Maloney points us to The Economist, who has discovered something downright intriguing in Obama's website:

The “people” section on [Obama’s] website divides Americans into 17 categories: Latinos, women, First Americans, environmentalists, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, Americans with disabilities, Asian-Americans and Pacific islanders and so on. There is no mention of whites, or men.

Hope and change for you, the dungeons for me.

It's only fair in Hussein's America.



#1 Cletus 08-Jul-2008
White Men make up 35-40 percent of the electorate in America. That's a whole lot of depopulating.
#2 captainfish 08-Jul-2008
We still make up a whole lot more than that of the population at least..... although, we are shrinking more and more as the gates to the nation are left wide open. Blacks are no longer the 2nd minority. They are now under "Latinos".

In 2000, whites were about 77%. In 2006, that ratio dropped to 74%]. So, to extrapolate, for every 6 years, we are going to lose 3% of our majority.

If we make up only 35-40% of the electorate, then we have only screwed ourselves in this nation. When the minority can dictate to the majority (thank you greens and commies) then our nation is destined for death (heading that way now)
#3 DMartyr 09-Jul-2008
We 'whites' are the "Americans with disabilities" since we are inherently racist. We refuse to vote for the black man simply because he is a black man. We obscenely insist on voting based on issues and qualifications.
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