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Cornwallis Cries

Pre-school students in England are being taught that disliking "ethnic" food is racist?


Somewhere, somehow, Lord Cornwallis is definitely in tears. After all, he did give up his entire life to the devoted cause of ensuring that the American Colonies remained in English hands, yet from the looks of things, we're still the winner in that whole exchange.

Of course, rather than be dragged down by a hopelessly retarded royal family, we are looking at the Worst Election Ever,™ so perhaps it's appropriate for General Washington to shed a tear or two as well.

Fair is fair, after all.



#1 captainfish 08-Jul-2008
Dear Lord,
All the founding fathers are wallowing in their tears. These people fought and died to make us free from governmental control. They sought to keep people free and maintain the glory of American pride and enthusiasm.

All that is gone now. Now, government will tell you how you are to feel about the government through the government controlled media.

But, stupid people get what stupid people deserve. I am just angry cause they are dragging me down with their anti-american hatred.
#2 DMartyr 09-Jul-2008
Kids usually don't like spicy food, unless its something they are raised to enjoy. I hated Chinese food as a child (but love it now), so am I a racist?

This is just plain stupid. You want to find the real bigots, just tell the kids they are eating kuffar food and see how many respond negatively.

After all, that's what this is [i]really[/i] about - weeding out the "intolerant" kuffar who refuse to respect the religion of pedophile worship.
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