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Daily Dictator

Ol' Mahmoud has been hittin' the hooch.

"*Hic*... Oh, yous means that spaceship up there! *urp*"

Orig: The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at the government saloon [Ed.:—See? I wasn't making it up!] during his press conference in Tehran, Iran and says that Iran is now a nuclear power and advised Western powers not to make threats against his nation. Iran has said its nuclear program is for energy generation and not a cover for weapons development. (UPPA/Photoshot) [Photo via Newscom]

No wonder he's gone on a vacation to Malaysia. What with all of the stressful odes to Death to Israel he's been doing lately, I'd say he needs at least a solid month of booze.



#1 captainfish 09-Jul-2008
Don't make threats against us because we are now a NUCLEAR nation. But, our nuclear program is only for peaceful electrical generation purposes only. But don't threaten us or we will retaliate and melt Israel to nothing. But we have no nuclear weapons.

cough, cough
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