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A Tale of English Trash... and WOE!

What would you say if I told you I designed a secret spy camera that would help record people illegally dumping trash in areas that tend towards that kind of problem?

And what, furthermore, if I sold such a device to a City council that was particularly concerned about these sorts of trash dumps?

It'd be a great idea, right?

Yeah... about that:It didn't work out quite so well in Jolly Olde England, as you'd imagine. I've Americanized the text, for those of us who don't speak English slang as a first language:

A spy camera, estimated to cost [$20,000] and designed to catch [illegal trash dumpers], was [thrown out] by [county trash collectors] after it was concealed in a [trash] bag. The expensive camera was placed inside a black bag beside a notorious illegal [dumping] site. The disguise was so good that workers for Chichester District Council, West Sussex, [threw away] the camera believing it was genuine rubbish.

Life is much more entertaining once your nation's lost all it's sanity, eh chap?

Update: Moved to "Environmentalism." A lot of the problems surrounding trash collection in England relate to the absolutely ridiculous legislation that many local Councils have enacted penalizing people for placing "recyclable" items in the garbage, instead of in the legally-mandated recycling bins.

Thus, if they were to perhaps relax their overly-zealous religious quest to recycle everything within sight, maybe they wouldn't have this problem.



#1 captainfish 02-Jul-2008
they will also snatch you when you combine recyclables in the wrong bin. Put glass in the tin bin and you will get a fine.

Chichester .............. what the???

No wonder we left.
Yeah, recycle bins are over here now too. You know, they told us that recycling will save us money because companies will not have to spend money to DIG UP the resources to make the items. If they have the item, all they have to do is melt it down and recreate it. Saves money all the way around.

yeah, but....

Every place recycling has been enacted, trash rates have gone up. My city will be enacting recycling soon because the mayor received a letter from a 7 year old telling him that recycling saves money and landfill space. So, now our trash rates are going to go up $4 a month.

Recycling only saves a few cents on the cost of a product these days. How does charging me $4 more a month equal what I save in what I buy?

FORCED "green" is going to kill this nation.
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