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What's Natural for Thee...

The dastardly Elder of Ziyon has an amazingly succinct write-up exploring the "natural" origins of Palestinian murderousness, and contrasting it with the onerous restrictions to which Israel voluntarily complies.

A sneak peek:

One of the usual responses by Palestinian Arabs to terror attacks - besides celebration and joy - is to tell the West that these attacks are a "natural reaction" to "Zionist crimes."

Hamas used those words yesterday as they praised the attack, and a Firas Press op-ed said the same thing this morning.

No one seems to notice that only the Arabs are allowed to "naturally" murder. Israel doesn't have that luxury - its acts must withstand the tightest scrutiny before even being decided upon. Those evil Zionists cannot naturally believe in revenge or murder because those are, well, evil. But the poor oppressed Palestinian Arabs are naturally allowed to act aggressively.
I've tried to make the same points as the Elder has, but I'm nowhere near as eloquent. Israel, and the rest of the West, abide by a code of laws that was built over centuries of war. Rules that, if nothing else, help to minimize the horrors inflicted by warring nations.

Islamic terror groups, on the other hand, spit on these codes, regularly targeting unarmed civilians, reporters, and anyone else they can get their hands on.

Yet time and time again, it is Western nations that must endure the loudest outrage from non-government organizations, the media, and other radical anti-Western elements, regardless of the fact that we in the West go out of our way to minimize civilian deaths in war.

The double standard is appalling, but not all that surprising in an era that is the product of outcome-based education, moral relativism, and abject political correctness.

Be sure to click on over to the Elder's pad for more deep thoughts, which are his specialty.


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