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Rage Rookies

You might think you're the stuff of legend, until you cower at the sight of a piddly little effigy.

Kashmiri Shiite Muslim activists shout anti-US slogans as they beat a burning effigy of US President George W. Bush during a protest rally in Srinagar, 14 June 2007. Hundreds of Shiites Muslims in Indian administered Kashmir blocked roads as they protested an attack on a revered Shiite shrine in Iraq. Deafening blasts razed Al-Askari mosque's two gold-covered minarets 13 June, in the largely Sunni town of Samarra north of Baghdad raising fears of a resurgence in intercommunal violence. US President George W. Bush blamed Al-Qaeda for the attack, saying it was meant to inflame sectarian violence in Iraq. (Zuma Press/Altaf Zargar) [Photo via Newscom]

Back to Rage School with you, silly newbie. You have much left to learn yet.Update: Hmm, what's that you say? It's not 2007 any more?

Yeah, about that. Guess I got carried away looking through the Newscom archives.

Still, rage funnies like this are timeless. Either that, or I'm ready for the three-day weekend already.

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#1 captainfish 03-Jul-2008
Ok... umm.. when did this happen?
Last June?
A month ago?

Or, are they talking about the mosque bombing that occurred about 4 years ago?

If they have a problem with how things are operating in Iraq... then they should go there and help their brothers out.
#2 DMartyr 04-Jul-2008
Effigies, flags, and kerosene - If you had a store that only sold those 3 things, I tell ya, it's a GOLDMINE in an islamic country! If I were muslime, that's the business I'd be in.

I'd even name it that, "EFFIGIES, FLAGS & KEROSENE!"

We sell Israeli & US flags in bulk!

Danish flags - HALF PRICE!

George Bush & Geert Wilders effigies - Buy one get one free!

Free gallon of kerosene with every effigy!

Price list:

Hand drawn flags - 3 dinars each
(US flags 5 dinars, cause there's so many more stars and strips)

Real flags - 25,000 dinars each

Effigies that could possibly pass for some infidel politician - 100,000 dinars each

Effigies that actually bear a resemblance to an infidel politician - 10 goats, 2 camels, and marriage to your youngest daughter.

(Don't mind me, I just started on the coffee...)
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