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Would A Terrorist By Any Other Name Be As Deadly?

Let's face the facts, if you don't mention they-who-must-not-be-named, they don't exist.

A BOMB packed with nuts and bolts injured dozens of people at a huge outdoor concert in Minsk attended by President Alexander Lukashenko.

A large part of the Belarus capital remained cordoned off today but there was no immediate indication who was responsible for the attack at the Independence Day concert late yesterday.


"I think that the explosion was organised by a hooligan who didn't like our beautiful and well-organised party. That provoked him to cause this blast," Minsk police chief Anatoly Kuleshov said on Belarussian state television.


Hooligan? Yeah! That's the ticket! "Hooligan"!

This party obviously provoked the attack. Let that be a lesson to all you beautiful and well-organized parties out there! If you provoke an attack, some "hooligan" might be offended and cause a blast!

Damn parties. Always ruining it for everyone else. Almost as bad as women...



#1 Cletus 05-Jul-2008
"Mommy I think there's a terrorist in my closet!"

"Shhhh, go back to sleep, there's no such thing as terrorists"
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