The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Eight Times More Fun?

File this under "That's just not right..."

I wouldn't even know where to find such images:

A MAN whose self-esteem is so low he identifies himself as a beast has admitted to downloading images showing sexual acts with an octopus.



#1 Cletus 05-Jul-2008
yeah, the best part about my day is raccoon penis

you guys are lucky I can't find the picture
#2 William Teach 05-Jul-2008
I don't WANT to know where to find such pictures.

$100 bucks says he votes to the left
#3 captainfish 05-Jul-2008
$200 bucks it was a liberal arts project paid for by federal tax dollars.

If federal dollars goes to pay for "Jesus in Pee", this there is no reason to not fund "Sex with Mollusc"
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