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RAPID? Reaction Force??

One would not ordinarily think of China as a source of all that is funny, but I have found proof. Here is how China gets ready to fight terrorism in this modern technological age. Teh funny is in the caption. It took me a long while to write this up do to the fact I could not stop laughing.

Or, is this some public relation video spot for a summer vacation camp for one of the games they host for the kids?Question, when was the last time China was attacked by terrorists?

Would a rapid deployment force really be affective against Muslim terrorists and their current mode of operation (subterfuge and underhanded terrorism)?

Would guys on 5 MPH Segways really be an effective force against secretly planted anti-personnel bombs?

Would Chinese soldiers wearing thin uniforms and using wimpy guns be a deterrent against any real opponent?

I think China has more to worry about than terrorists. Like raw sewage turning their seas green from the 2 feet deep algae. But of course, they blame global warming.



#1 DMartyr 05-Jul-2008
Segways are totally cool! I wish I could afford one. They can go as fast as a person can run, and they're small enough to get through crowds. Personally, I think they'd be more practical than bikes or motorcycles in some more populated areas.

#2 Scott 05-Jul-2008
I have used Segways as a patrol vehicle in downtown. They are great!!! They can actually travel at about 12.5 miles per hour, some a little faster. They can definitely move faster than a human can run.
#3 Will 06-Jul-2008

I think humans can run faster than 12.5 miles per hour.

Well at least some of them...
#4 DMartyr 06-Jul-2008
Will - but for how long? I'm certain many people can *sprint* faster, but not many could maintain that speed.

A world class sprinter runs about 23mph.

A marathon runner between 12 and 16mph, depending on the length of the race. (Shorter races - such as a mile or so generally have a faster pace, while longer distances are slower.)

Unless these officers are chasing an true track athlete, the Segways should be able to keep up and overtake them.

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